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Gulit criticized Van Gal: Too superstitious tactics, he failed in Manchester United

The Dutch famous Gu Litt criticized the national team coach Van Gaal, thinking that he was too superstitious and tactical, which may become a major hazard.

In the 2014 World Cup, Van Garr led the Dutch team to the fourth place with the 352 formation, but then coached Manchester United. This tactic was unsuccessful and was fired after two seasons.

Now 71 -year -old Van Galk coached the Dutch team for the third time, but Gulit criticized him: “Van Galal has always believed that systems and tactics are the key to the success of the team, but he failed in Manchester United.”

“At the World Cup in Brazil, he likes to use the 352 formation and think that this can be transplanted to Manchester United. However, the players are completely different, and tactics cannot bring victory. Players are the key. If he wants to retreat at the peak, he must haveCorrect thought. “

Gulit also criticized Van Gaal’s pride. “What I don’t like him is that when the team is good, he likes to do so well. Van Marvik is the best coach in the Netherlands. Van Gaol is not.”

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