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Guangzhou City Li Weifeng: If the head coach has been stunned, the team will be stunned

Reporter Wang Wei reported that on the afternoon of December 27, the Guangzhou City team defeated the Shenzhen team 3-0 and successfully relegated in advance.Li Weifeng, who took over the team halfway, saved the Chinese Super League fire in Guangzhou.From August 29 last year as the head coach of the Guangzhou City Team, to the last round of the Japanese season in December 31 of the same year, Li Weifeng led the Guangzhou City team to change the relegation task that was impossible to complete during the 121 days of taking over the coach of the Guangzhou City Team.Become reality.Last weekend, at the end of this season, Li Weifeng accepted an exclusive interview with this newspaper, telling the difficult journey of these 121 days.

◆ “Football”: Before you served as the head coach of the Guangzhou City Team, the team just set a series of losses. What do you think when you choose to take over?Where does the confidence of relegation come from?

Li Weifeng: When I first took over the team, I couldn’t talk about relegation.I have done a job that many people don’t dare or dare not think about it. I remember that I said at the first press conference of taking over the team. I have to choose many times. If the team is in good condition,If the current situation of Chinese football is very good now, then there are fewer opportunities for these young coaches. This is both an opportunity and a challenge. If we look at it in a positive direction, it is a good thing.At the beginning, when General Manager Zhang Bin found me, I felt very sudden. After arriving in Guangzhou, the chairman of the club, Huang Yu and Mr. Zhang, conveyed the chairman of the R & F Group to me and asked if I had confidence and responsibility to bring the team out of the dilemma.EssenceI said at the time that I dared to meet the challenges, but we needed to face and complete together.

◆ What kind of help do the club give you in team management?

At that time, the people of the Guangzhou City team, the injuries, and the morale of the team were not fully prepared from all the preparations of the team at the beginning of the year, and we had many problems and difficulties.After I came to the team, Huang Dong and Zhang Zhang very trusted me very much. At the beginning, we met and meet with players together. After that, they rarely met with the players. They would give me more confidence and trust.My management and leading team gave us more opportunities to show ourselves.I think all our players are very good, because few people complain to me, and no one has emotional fluctuations.In the controlled range of the coaching group, these players have done very well.

◆ Successful relegation, what do you think of relying on?

In fact, for relegation, it is really a battle. When we have problems in November and are facing great difficulties, what is relegation at this time?Relying on a will of everyone, a kind of persistence of everyone, depending on the dedication of everyone.No one will sympathize with anyone in the football, because anyone will encounter difficulties.The team’s integrity is better, and it will do better on the court. This is not just technical and tactics, it is all -round, including the team’s management and the team’s health.

◆ There is a large -scale health problem in the team. I am afraid I have never experienced in your football career so far?

Yes.When we walked forward, many things didn’t dare to think at the time, but you still have to face it.When I kicked the penultimate game, the most annoying thing I was at that time was the team doctor looking for me every morning, because I wanted to make the team healthier, and everyone used everyone to be healthy, but there were too many anti -factors. This is not this is notI think they can be healthy. I said that they will be good if they are good. For example, when they just unlocked early last month, the families of many players had health problems. The players played outside.At that time, it was really difficult, but when the game was not playing well, no one would listen to you to talk about difficulties, complaints, and make excuses, but this is very fair, because the world of football is like this. No one is. No one is.Sympathy you, everyone pays attention to the score and victory on the field.

◆ How did the club investor or management convince you before you take over?

When President Zhang found me, he asked if I would like to choose a challenge for Guangzhou football.To be honest, Guangzhou football occupies a very important position in Chinese football, including Guangzhou R & F and Guangzhou Evergrande.For me, my career began in Shenzhen, Guangdong, with a complex of Guangdong football.The localization of R & F football is a bit stronger. When I hadn’t taken over the team, I was thinking, will the football culture I experience collide with R & F?Does my football concept match the team, including what do I do when preparing to pick up the team?

The Guangzhou City Team did not lack technology, but at that time, due to some factors, the team was a bit weak in terms of execution of technical and tactics, the attitude of football and will. What I need to do is how to solve these problems.Mr. Zhang and I talked about the team’s view. From the formation of R & F to the present, the team’s midfielder has played very well, but in each season, the number of ball loss is very inconsistent with the team’s ranking in the Super League.Therefore, as a coach, I want to adjust the requirements and discipline of the players.

◆ In the whole process of serving as the head coach of the Guangzhou City Team, which period do you think is the most difficult?

The most difficult thing is the second transfer period, because when we first communicated with the club management, it was said that the second transfer window was likely to open. I think that if you can introduce several players, you can fight.When I first received the team, the Guangzhou team was 11 points, the Wuhan Yangtze River team was 15 points, and the Guangzhou City team was 3 points.However, when the transfer window was officially closed, our transfer window was not opened, but I was also prepared at the time. I no longer wanted to introduce the players, and the team members had to use them well.◆ Before you led Tianjin Tianhai to successfully succeed, what is the difference between Guangzhou City and Tianhai team at the time?

The two teams have no comparability.The Tianhai Team was a problem in 2019. The team was custody by the Tianjin Sports Bureau. At that time, the team was known as the “National Football Team” because we invited the national team coach Shen Xiangfu.The team, from Guangzhou Evergrande, leased Liao Lisheng and Zhang Chenglin, Yao Junsheng in Shandong, Zhang Xiaobin in Jiangsu, when foreign aids were Alan, Renal Dini, Quan Jingyuan, the striker or Yang Xu.The aspects are very strong.The Tianhai Team in 2019 is very different from the current Guangzhou City. The most important thing is that at that time, Tianhai was not a relegation team, and there were 4 foreign aids in Tianhai at that time. Now there are only two foreign aid in Guangzhou City.The lineup is better than the current Guangzhou City.

◆ “Football”: After coming to the team, you have said many times that the winter training of the Guangzhou City team can not accumulate enough. How can you change the game in the face of such a situation?

Li Weifeng: It was okay in the weekly match, because I could practice after seeing the problem in the game. By the late October, we had no time to practice.Why did I pull the team to Yancheng, Jiangsu to train in mid -October?I just want to practice for players in less than two weeks. If the team was trained in Guangzhou at that time, it was difficult for us to practice according to the weather and methods at that time.It is difficult to support the training for the afternoon of the day of the day and pulling the team to the salt city. It is to make up for them and make up for what we have pulled down at the beginning of the year.Without the training of Yancheng in those two weeks, we may be beaten by opponents in many competitions in November.

I lost my heart and orally in the game with Chengdu. When we kicked 65 minutes, we couldn’t kick.We can bite with Guoan and Meizhou. This is the self -confidence that can be relegated this season.Members and I said that according to my requirements, don’t doubt yourself, just do it according to my requirements. We can definitely relegate. We will definitely survive.

◆ The team started 13 consecutive defeats, and finally relegated successfully. In the process, what is your biggest change in the team’s technical and tactics?

The biggest change is that the overall defense of the team’s entire midfield and backcourt is more complete, which allows our midfield and frontcourt to play football on the basis of defensive stability.

◆ Does the return of foreign aid also play a great role?

To be honest, our two foreign aids can be said to be precious for this year’s league. Not to mention how many games and performance they played on the court, they are on the court. For our team at this timeIt’s precious.Foreign aid like Gileelme will like any team coach. Whether it is training or competition, he will always be full of sunshine and positive energy.Caldona’s people are particularly good, and sometimes they are like children. I talked to him. He was the earliest foreign aid to come back. He has not returned home and has not seen the child.It is fully understandable that he does not have a sense of security, and this situation often occurs without his family.

◆ “Football”: The players said that after you came to the team, the team has changed a lot in spiritual level. How do you encourage players?

Li Weifeng: When encountering a strong opponent, I will tell all the players that you have to see your excellent side and believe that you have the ability and level of playing well.Before I took over, the team lost in a row and was easily dispersed. After I came to the team, I asked the team members to have a strong mentality. Maybe the results are not good now, but I believe that I have the ability to play a good ball.Essence

I rarely meet the entire team. I rarely say that the team exist in the game during the team’s meeting. I will show all the videos of the game to the players. I will separate the players at different positions alone.When you call the room, I will teach them how to do it, and I will tell him how to defend it better.

From the perspective of fighting spirit and blood, when the team is not smooth, I want to let the players see that my state is very good. If the head coach is stunned, then the team will be stunned.I asked the players to play well. It should be that it should be played today. It doesn’t matter if you don’t kick well. If you accumulate a little bit, do a little bit, and slowly their temperament will change.

◆ Do you set up some rules or systems in the management of the team?

I can’t talk about what rules have been set for the team, but I told the players that any team has its own culture, and when I first came, I didn’t see what kind of culture the team was.Because I saw some players wearing slippers and big pants to go to the dining room, some players did not have any time.I feel that the team lacks order, so I have to sort it again. I ask everyone to dress uniformly when they go to the restaurant, and after eating, the captain said that after eating, the old team members have dinner first.After eating after eating, I have to be unified together. If you can’t synchronize in this regard, can you still be synchronized on the court?When I was closed, my requirements for everyone were that during the meal, if who took the mobile phone to see, then he would buy coffee for all teammates and staff., Talking about life, training training, strengthen communication, do not hold your mobile phone by yourself, if no one is next to him.

◆ “Football”: You dug Ning’an and changed Tang Miao’s position to the central defender, which inspired players such as Li Yongjia, Liao Jiajun, Chang Feiya, Gui Hong, Song Wenjie, Wang Peng, etc. They all have highlights in the league.Which players do you impress the most?

Li Weifeng: The changes of several players made me very pleased. Like Wang Peng and Wen Yongjun, their changes are very obvious.Their biggest change is to make me see the idea of playing a good ball.When I first took the team, someone told me that Wang Peng usually was a little inert. Wen Yongjun was very good and characteristic, but he was too casual to play, but I passed a few training classes to the impression of Wang Peng and Wen Yongjun.There is a completely change, because I saw the two of their two of the ball, and this desire was particularly strong.The two of them surprised me, and the two of them played a lot in the later period.

Besides Gui Hong, he is a player I look forward to, but he has not met my expectations, which has something to do with his inertia. After I came, I talked to him.The team has only two striker Song Wenjie and Gui Hong, and the two of them are indispensable to me.When I first arrived, Xiao Song had only 60 minutes of physical fitness. Gui Hong was all meat. He lacked management of himself. The experience of the past two years may make him feel that he is not playing or practicing.Can’t kick.

After I arrived at the team, you said to him that you are important to the entire team. You must lose weight now. No matter which team you are, you must do this. You can’t play everywhere with this weight.I force Gui Hong to measure weight every day, forcing him to lose weight, and even let other players monitor him, including supervising what he eats and what to drink.For him, I need to do this, and if you want to use him, you must help him.I have a lot of expectations for Gui Hong, and he has made a great contribution to the team in the limited time.

◆ After successful relegation, you said that no one believes that Guangzhou can be relegated when you first take over. If you let you summarize now, what are the key factors of the Guangzhou city team to go ashore?

First of all, I think the quality of the players is very good. The desire to survive and survive is very strong. Second, it has a relationship with the Guangzhou Municipal Government and the State -owned Assets Consortium in the past year.The team is very stable, so that many players have no worries. The state -owned assets and GAC have helped the team’s entire stability very much and very important. Third, the club and investors have feelings for the team and have always askedThe team is also trying to actively solve historical debt. I think this is very important.

◆ Where is your coaching team?

Our coaching team will not advertise ourselves. We do what we should do. This is my work, and I will do it at any club.Thank you for your guarantee team. For example, the team’s two bus masters have been with the team in the past two months, and I haven’t even recovered my home. This made me very moved.At the team’s coaching team, I said deliberately that whether the team was in Wuhan, Haikou, Meizhou, and Fujian, they followed the team with the team and were very dedicated.

I want to thank the fans of the Guangzhou City Team. Although I have come to the Guangzhou City team for more than four months, I have not seen the fans of Guangzhou City in person, but I know that the fans of the Guangzhou City team are very concerned about us. As the head coach of the team,Thanks to the majority of fans, I hope that the 2023 season can face the team.I think the team’s combat effectiveness is formed by comprehensive strength. Our team has successfully relegated this season. It is not just technology and tactics, but also comprehensive.

◆ “Football”: Now look back at the process of relegation in your team. The first show defeats Tianjin Jinmen Tiger and the competition of the Guangzhou team at Yuexiu Mountain Stadium. At that time, the Guangzhou team led you in the points for a long time.Now that the Guangzhou team in the same city is downgraded, it is difficult to predict the future. How do you evaluate the significance of Evergrande Club in Chinese football?

Li Weifeng: To be honest, the world of football is so cruel, because both of our Guangzhou teams want to defeat their opponents and want to be able to relegate success. No one wants to leave behind.

The Guangzhou team played a pivotal role in Guangzhou football and Chinese football. Only they won the AFC Champions League on behalf of the Chinese Club. I think the relegation of the Guangzhou team is the sadness of the entire Chinese professional league.In fact, any coach and player we want him to survive, because they have performed well in the past ten years, and they have done so well whether they are in the club management and team building.I know how much people spent at the end of them, but you need to know what they spent to let the Chinese professional league bring back on the entire Asian field. This is what we have to consider deeply.In fact, I do n’t want the Guangzhou team to downgrade, because the team has my former teammates, they all work hard. This is not what everyone wants to see. However, I bring the Guangzhou City team.EssenceI hope to have a good way to let this Guangzhou team go again.

◆ In the first seven games after taking office, six unbeaten games, and then experienced seven consecutive defeats. How do you bear this gap?

To be honest, whether it is good or bad when playing well, I am prepared, because no one is optimistic when I pick up the team.Just like in November, I told the players that we have to adjust ourselves. We are a bit impetuous. The execution is declining. During this time, we will lose the ball and lose the simple ball. I have thought about all the plans.At that period of the hardest time, the captains Tang Miao and Jiang Jihong said that I would like to throw away the fixed thinking of kicking.The team members are responsible.

◆ “Football”: In fact, in the process of relegation, Wuhan Yangtze River was continuously deducted. This gives Guangzhou City opportunities. How do you think of this situation?

Li Weifeng: When we were close to the Wuhan Yangtze River score, I felt the crisis came. At that time, many people’s judgments had problems.The crisis is that only the Guangzhou team and the Hebei team have no home players in the latter teams. Several teams such as Wuhan Yangtze River can play at home.Very important for the team at home, but we did not.Now I can say that I thought of all the problems at the time, but I couldn’t tell the team members, I could only bear and face it myself.As a result, the survival energy of the Wuhan Yangtze River team was stronger than us.Another layer of factors is that we were a chaser at the beginning. At that time, they became chaser, and we became conservative, including me, and psychologically, there would be more or less ups and less changes.

◆ Which picture is the most memorable in the entire relegation process now?

Before kicking the Shenzhen team, we had four or five players to have a fever. Like the goalkeeper Han Jiaqi, the night before the game had a fever. The next morning he told me that he wanted to continue to play the game.I told him that from the perspective of the head coach, I especially wanted to let you kick, but this sentence should not be said because I want to be responsible for the health of the team members.There are also several players who have not told me at a fever. Like Zhang Gong, Wang Peng, Jiang Jihong, and Liu Jiqiang, they all played on the stage, especially Zhang Gong.After he had a meal, he said that he had been cold after the first half of the game. After I knew this situation, I felt that I was too ruthless to him.These spirit moved me particularly, but I did not say to the outside world before, because everyone has such difficulties.

There are 3 yangs in our four team doctors. The coach and I said that we must also be prepared to help the team doctors to treat the players at any time.After we played the Shenzhen team, Han Jiaqi quickly turned over, but several players were Yang again. In the last round of the game, only a dozen people could be registered. As coaches, they could not bother Chinese football at this stage.We have to kick the game.

◆ “Football”: Guangzhou City has always wanted to regain the South School football. After coaching the Guangzhou City team for most of the season, do your understanding of the Nanpai football have changed?

Li Weifeng: The use of Southern School football technology and speed and flexibility are better than northerners, but in the Guangzhou City Team, we also lack some fusion. There are some delicate and speed of the south.EssenceAfter I came to the Guangzhou City Team, I felt that I was not practicing hard enough, and the degree of freedom to players was too much. This may have something to do with the foreign coaches that have been serving for so many years. After all, Europeans have different understanding of football and us.

◆ What precipitation does the second team complete the Super League insurance level?

As a middle -generation coach, in fact, I also want my coach to go more smoothly and less.After the transformation of the club management to the coach, I brought two different teams to relegation. I think this is a particularly good experience. I have learned a lot of things and increased my experience.

◆ The team members of Guangzhou City work with you to help the team successfully relegate. What kind of guarantee do you want to give these players in the future?

I have considered this issue very seriously, because any team will have old and middle -aged players, and young players will go to a team next season.As a head coach, what I want now is to be able to leave the team members who have worked hard for the team this season. Of course, some team members have expired. There will be another team to find him. From my perspective, there will beIt will keep him, but if you go better than our side, I don’t think it is necessary to stop it.My big principle is to stabilize the framework and optimize the age structure.

◆ The team is relegated and the league is over. What plans and goals do you have?I hope to leave the Guangzhou City team.Since the Guangzhou City Team Team, there are relatively few local coaches. I especially hope that the Guangzhou City Team has a memory to see what I can leave this team.

◆ Some people say that you coach the coach of the Guangzhou City Team without paying a salary, and this spirit also drives the entire team.

This is not, but we did not make any requirements because the team faced great difficulties when I took over.I think it is not important to give me any conditions. Puts and platforms are more important. The starting point of all the coaching team is to bring the Guangzhou City team to bring out the dilemma and have their own value. This is enough.

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