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Guan Xiaodao competing: the United States Federation Cup again confronts Newcastle Cut Laicister City


[Tuesday 009] Newcastle Union VS Leister City

Newcastle has emerged in the Premier League this season. He currently ranks third in the standings and leads 2 points in the Tottenham outside the Champions League. Except for the early season, Anfield was reversed by Liverpool 1 to 2.The undefeated record, the leader of the leader Arsenal became the minimum team in the Premier League.However, the team’s recent state has declined. In the past two rounds of the Premier League, the Premier League has tied Litz and Arsenal. The FA Cup two days ago was even more than Xie on Wednesday, which ended up for 15 consecutive games in a row.Undefeated steady trends.It is worth mentioning that Newcastle has not failed at home this season, and 11 excellent answers to 6 wins and 5 draws at home.

Lachate City started the downturn this season. It did not usher in the first round of the season until the 9th round. Although there was a courageous performance, the World Cup was once again fell into a losing streak. At present, there are only 2 points in the safe zone.Not optimistic.The Blue Fox has all lost all the Premier League in the last three rounds, including the 0-3 home at home to defeat the Magpie Corps. The three -day Football Cup 1-0 Small Smart British B team Ji Ling Ham, then ended in a row and returned to the victory.EssenceThe head coach Rogers’s pre -match conference said: “Madison, Hall, Prada, and Sumare were still tired of injuries. The work club of winter windows was very hard behind the scenes, and there would be a lot of work to be completed.”

Data change starts from the Lord’s 0.75 low bonus. At present, it is maintained in the Lord’s 1 -high prize. Compared with the data of the league in half a month ago, it should be said that the initial concession gives a reasonable support for Newcastle. In the last game of the two teams,In the context of obvious gaps, Lecheist City still has not been favored enough, and I am afraid that it is difficult to escape.

Recommended: Newcastle

Score forecast: 1: 0/2: 0

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