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Guan Xiaodao competing: Swiss celebrities gathered, Cameroon is difficult to make a difference!


[Thursday 013] Swiss VS Cameroon

In Switzerland’s history, the World Cup was in the World Cup. The best results were the quarterfinals, but it was a long time. Since entering the 21st century, Swiss football has once again ushered in a period of stable development. In 2006, they returned to the World Cup stage after twelve years. The top 16. Coach Ya Jin took over the teaching whip in August last year. Under his tactical concept of priority and stability, Switzerland performed very stable in the preliminaries of the World Championship. In the end, Italy won the World Cup ticket with the group’s first name. Excellent performance of Portuguese and Spain. The team’s famous players gathered, and Zaka, Shaqili, Akanji, and Somo can be said to be the familiar names of the fans.

Since the first appearance of the World Cup in 1982, Cameroon has seven battle records. The best results are the quarterfinals in 1990. They have been in their presence for three consecutive sessions, but they have been absent in 2006 and 2018. How do African lions perform when returning to the World Cup year? It is worth mentioning that the head coach Rigberg Song was appointed by President Cameroon in March this year, and he did not disappoint expectations and led the team to break through the preliminaries. During the player, the fierce Rigbert-Song also quickly made his own brand for Cameroon. The team liked physical confrontation and dared to take his feet. In terms of lineup, Cameroon also has a lot of famous generals. Schopo Motin, ONANA, and Angeesa are also familiar to fans.

The referee of this game is a special strategy from Argentina. The 40 -year -old 2019 has become an international referee. It has 214 caregivers law enforcement, 1,117 yellow cards (averaged 5.22), and 52 two reds and one red (average per game per game (average per game per game 0.24), 41 straight reds (averaged 0.19 per game), and 51 penalties (averaged 0.24 per game).

From the information before the game, I haven’t found too much valuable news for the time being, but the Swiss striker Enshol, who had been a teammate in Schalke 04, praised the Cameroon striker Schopo Motin. Will it be so friendly on the field. At the data level, Switzerland has more support, and Sword Brother is willing to stand aside with Swiss fans!

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Score forecast: 2: 0/1: 0

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