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Guan Xiaodao competing for color: Morocco in Morocco?


[Wednesday 009] Morocco vs Croatia

Morocco is the first African team to advance to the World Cup finals. In 1970, it appeared in the World Cup stage for the first time in 1970. It has left footprints in the World Cup five times. In the race, it was the Leonar who led Saudi Arabia yesterday to defeat Argentina yesterday. In 2019, due to the poor performance of the African Cup, Lenal was forced to get off the get out of class. The successor of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Harry Holy Horizer led the team to get the World Cup. The head coach Reagragoy was in danger. Although it is a taboo for the soldiers in the battlefield, several friendly matches have performed well, and many players in the team are gathered. The team is effective, the performance of this World Cup is worth looking forward to!

Croatia won the third place for the first time in the World Cup in 1998. In the next few World Cups, there were only a lattice legion in 2010. The new history of the team. Although the age of Croatia has declined as Manjuki and others retired from the national team and Modric, Perisic and others, Croatia has successfully obtained this World Cup ticket with rich experience. In addition, the coach Daliqi in 2017, after baptism in 2018, the familiarity and control of the team can not be comparable to the Morocco coach.

The referee in this game is Laparini from Argentina. At the age of 44, he started his law enforcement career in 2015. He has fined 1668 yellow cards (5.2) in 321 games, 59 in two yellows and one red (average of 0.18 per game ), 69 straight reds (averaged 0.21 per game) and 71 penalties (averaged 0.22).

Judging from the information before the game, Morocco still has expectations for the game. The coach Leglagi said: “Croatia is a popular championship, we will use a positive attitude to meet Croatia. I believe we will not be after this game. Regret. “At the data level, Croatia did not get corresponding support, and Sword Brother was more willing to be a Moroccan fan tonight.

Recommendation: Morocco (+1) victory

Score forecast: 2: 1/1: 1

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