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Guan Xiaodao competes: The fanfare is quite unbelievable in the United States!


[Monday 004] American VS Wales

The performance of the United States in the history of the World Cup can be described as the peak of their debut. In the first World Cup in 1930, they broke into the semi -finals, and the best results in the next nine World Cup journey were only the Eighth in 2002. The momentum that missed the game has ended the momentum of the World Cup for seven consecutive times. At the end of 2018, Bell Hart took the head of the US National Team. It focused on the 433 formation. Although the team returned to the World Cup stage, the process was not easy, which also put Bell Hart with a lot of pressure. The team’s number one star undoubtedly played for Chelsea’s Prilycic, but in the chaos of the Blues this season, the Captain America did not play well.

Wales appeared again at the World Cup stage after a lapse of 64 years. They landed in the World Cup for the first time in 1958, and they stopped one -third of the finals. Since then, they have been waiting for decades. Although the head coach Page was unknown, the Wales played under his rule was very clear. The defense adopted the five -back formation to ensure sufficient width and switched to 343 to strike opponents during the attack. Although Bell, the leader of European Red Dragon, is 33 years old and lacks enough top -level events to maintain a state, as a former superstar, the deterrent of the Great Saint still exists. The role.

The referee of this game is Jasim from Qatar. At the age of 35, he started law enforcement since 2013. He has 191 games in his career. 0.09), 12 straight reds (averaged 0.06 per game), and 68 penalty kicks (averaged 0.36 per game). It is also worth mentioning that the fourth official in this campaign is Ma Ning from China.

Judging from the information before the game, the attention of the two teams is obviously not as good as England and the Netherlands that played the first to play today. At the data level, the United States has more support, but when the overall strength of the two teams is not much different, the sword brother is more willing to be more willing I believe that the absolute superstar Bell Wales.

Recommended: United States (-1) negative

Score forecast: 1: 1/0: 1

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