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Great Lottery: Wolves change coach like a sword to change the sword, Derby Barcelona President



Saturday 002 Premier League Wolves VS Manchester Union 2022-12-31 20:30

The performance of the Wolves in the first half of this season is disappointing. At present, the 16 rounds of battles are temporarily ranked 18th with 3 wins, 4 draws and 9 losses.The reason is that the current 16 games have scored 10 goals. The main center Himenis is suffering from injuries. The new aid Gedes scored 1 goal in 13 games.Huang Xican and Neuto, the club, even the veterans who had already passed the peak at the beginning of the season, had a sense of illness.However, after changing the coach last month, the new coach Lopeteji still brought some changes to the Wolves. After adjusting the team’s 451 system into a more aggressive 433 formation, the Wolves coached the two.During the game, he scored a total of 4 goals. He scored 4 goals during the period. In the frontcourt, he found the long -lost goal. In this round of the league, facing Manchester United, the Wolves were unwilling to lose.

Manchester United won the Nottingham Forest 3-0 at home in the last round of the league. After the World Cup, various events won two consecutive victories. Casemiro, Fernandez and Rashford, who were frustrated in the national team, were not affected too much.After Cristiano Ronaldo, the atmosphere of Manchester United’s locker room has also become better. Although Martinez has just returned to the team and has not yet reached the requirements of the battle, the coach Tenghag has tried to bring Casemiro and Luke ShawPutting it in the central defender, and receiving a good effect, its flexible employment also enriched Manchester United’s tactical routines. This battle away against the Wolves away, Manchester United expects to continue the best.

Saturday 003 La Liga Barcelona VS Spanish 2022-12-31 21:00

Barcelona has invested heavily on the transfer market this summer. The introduction of Laandolinsky, Confed, Casey, Rafinia and other strengths and other strengths. The team’s competitiveness has improved a lot.The performance is unsatisfactory and missed the qualifications of the Champions League team.I lost 5 goals in 33 goals, and the offensive and defensive ends performed well. Polish central Randovsky quickly adapted to Harvey’s tactical system. At present, 13 goals have been scored.After more than a month of rest after more than a month of rest, Barcelona’s injury problem has also been greatly alleviated. The Derby War has faced the Spanish who performed well this season. Barcelona, who is sitting in the Campus Stadium, is naturally a must.

The Spaniards sold players such as Domas, Balgas, Merren, and Wu Lei in the transfer market this summer.Spotito has a good performance, but the bad defense buried the team’s efforts of the team’s frontcourt. In the 14 rounds of battles, the Spaniards only achieved 2 wins, 6 draws and 6 losses.The Spaniards were defeated in 14 times as the Camp Nou Course.

Saturday 010 Premier League Byton vs Arsenal 2023-01-01 01:30

Breaton’s play in the Premier League this season is remarkable. In the season, Ichi Ker Manchester United, blood washing Lecheist City, and fighting against Liverpool’s attack on the attack, leaving a deep impression on people, although the coach Porter was dug away by Chelsea away, The team has fallen into a short period of downturn, but as the coach Dazelby gradually integrates into the team, Byton returns to the right track. After the game in the last round of the league, the team won the last 4 rounds of the 4th round of the league.Win 1 loss, scored 11 goals during the period, the offensive end firepower is full, the main center Trosar has a hot state of this season. At present, 7 goals have scored.Power, coupled with the strategy of Larana and Marchi, Breaton played very active in the frontcourt. In this round of the league at home, there are many highlights in tough battles.trouble.

Arsenal defeated the West Ham 3-1 after the league restarted, and continued to lead the standings with 13 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. Although Brazil’s center Husus was injured in the World Cup, Arsenal’s frontcourt youth storm did not have no frontcourt youth storm.Affected, Martinori, Enkatia, Saka, and Ed high people complement each other.The main away and away of the season is even more balanced. At present, the 8 leagues are 6 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, and the efficiency is comparable to the home.However, the last two times with Breaton, Arsenal lost all. Last month’s league cup, the team had lost to the opponent at home. In this game, Arsenal could not take it lightly.

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