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Great Lottery: The Western Coalition lineup aging Leicester City is weak



On Friday 001 Australian Super Western Union VS Brisbane Lion Roar

2022-12-30 16:45

As the championship last season, the performance of the Western Union this season is obviously not well docked. The first five rounds of league achievements have no victory. The aging of the lineup is the main problem of the team. At present, most of the general starters of the team are 30Fortunately, the holding of the World Cup has brought a month’s rest time to the Western Union. After the Australian Super League restarted this month, the team recovered the style of the last season. After defeating Melbourne in the last round of the game, the Western Union has recently been recently recentlyThe 4 rounds of the league won 3 games. In the last two rounds of the two rounds of the league, there were continuous zero opponents. The improvement of defensive quality is the key. You must know that the team’s first seven rounds of the leagues have lost 18 goals, but the main Zhongwei Toppstanli was stained in the game.The field, this game will be banned, and the defense of the Western Union will face great pressure again.

The performance of the Bridge Lion Roar this season is quite satisfactory. At present, the 8 rounds of battle will temporarily rank 8th in the standings with 2 wins, 5 draws and 1 loss.The style is too thick and the lines are slightly single in the offensive method. At present, the number one shooter Austin in the team also has only two goals, but the solid defense is the biggest advantage of the team.One of the least teams, but considering that in the past two seasons, the defeat of the Western Union faced the defeat of the Western Union. In this game, it is still the main task of the team.

Friday 013 Premier League Liverpool VS Lecheist City

2022-12-31 04:00

At the beginning of the season, the core players left, the reconstruction of the frontcourt system, and the wave of injuries. Liverpool’s performance was not satisfactory., Philmino and others are lying on the injury list, but the main team of the Red Army can get better recovery. After defeating Aston Vera in the middle of the week, Liverpool was promoted to the sixth place in the standings.In the first four gaps, after the return of Tiago, the midfielder and iron triangle composed of Henderson and Fabinho reproduced the sharp edge. The defensive end Van Dark was still stable.Liverpool, who is sitting in the Anfield Stadium in the town, is naturally a must.

The performance of Lachate City’s start this season is very bad. In the first 7 rounds of league, 1 draw and 6 losses were successful. After selling the backbone such as Fafa and Xiaoshuchenle during the summer transfer period, the club did not make corresponding investment andTo strengthen, the coach Rogers’s handsome position was also at stake. Fortunately, the middle and frontcate strength of the Fox City is still strong. In the case of Valdi’s attendance rate, Ishine John’s ability is not good, Banes and TirleMidstead players such as Mans and Madison provoked the burden of scoring. At present, the three scored 16 goals to help Lechenster City achieved 4 wins and 2 losses in the last 6 rounds. However, from the previous game,Lachate City has faced the performance of the strong team this season. It has been lost to Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, and Tottenham. After 0-3 in the middle of the week, it was defeated at the foot of Newcastle in the middle of the week. The team faced the top eight in the standings.The team loses again. Liverpool, who has been brave in this game, has a serious situation in Liverpaster, with a lot of defensive issues.

Friday 022 La Liga Palia Doride vs Real Madrid

2022-12-31 04:30

The promotion of Marbaria Doride has not made much investment in the transfer market this summer. Kennedy, Aseho, and Enskudro are free to vote. When the financial resources are limited, the team is unable to conduct substantial essenceSexual reinforcement, after 14 rounds, Palia Doride temporarily ranked 12th in the standings with 5 wins, 2 draws and 7 losses. During the period, he scored 13 goals and lost 21 goals.By one, it is slightly fatigue. Players such as Sanchez, Orasa and other players in defense are obviously insufficient, and it is difficult to deal with high -level attack lines. In this round of the league, the Gate of Balia Dorod is difficult to be difficult to be difficult.Essence

Last season, the honor of the league and the Champions League dual championships. Real Madrid did not move much in the transfer market this summer. The back waist position of Casemiro with Qiong Ameini is a normal update of blood. The overall teamIn the case of not much change, the team also showed excellent stability in the first half. After 14 rounds of the league, 11 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, temporarily ranked for the first place, and scored 33 goals for 14 goals during the period.Jianjia, the veteran Benzema, Vinius, and Rodrigo, who have just won the Golden Globe Award, blossomed on the front line, and the midfielder Balverde has made great progress in the score this season. At present, the league has 6 goals.Coupled with the experienced and old -fashioned Modric and Cross sitting in the midfield, the current galaxy warships do not have obvious shortcomings, and in the just ended World Cup, Real Madrid only Modric and Qiong Ameii twoIn the final semi -finals and finals, players in other positions have entered the state of training and competition. In the face of the mediocre Paledor, Real Madrid is still determined to win.

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