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Great Lottery: Newcastle Defensive Stable Manchester United 7 consecutive victory is good

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Tuesday 009 British League Cup Newcastle Lianle Lian Leicuster City 2023-01-11 04:00

Venue: St. James Park Stadium

The home team Newcastle United:

In the FA Cup last weekend, Newcastle lost to the British team 1-2 away to the British team Xie on Wednesday.Appearance.However, the Magpie Corps, which mainly played for the substitute, performed badly. After the first half of the goal, Newcastle successively replaced the main forces such as Almeron, Gamariangs, and Tripil.This is also the first defeat in the Newcastle United’s nearly 16 official competitions.Judging from the previous game, Newcastle’s defense at home is very powerful. This season, it has remained unbeaten in the 11 official games of the St. James Park Stadium. Among them, there are only 0.45 goals in 8 games with zero -sealing opponents.The British Cup has entered the top 8 of the 8th match. The championship trophy is attractive enough for Newcastle. Eddie-Hao’s team will work hard to work hard since 1955.

The guest team Lecheist City:

In the British Football Cup last weekend, Lecheist City defeated the British B team Jilin Ham 1-0 away.In the game, Rogers rotated a lot of main force.In the first half, the two teams had exchanges with each other but lack of skills.In the second half, Waldi assisted Ichino to score the only goal in the game.The blue fox ushered in the victory after the three consecutive defeats.Recently, Lachester City has performed well in the away game. The team officially played nearly 6 away 5 wins and 1 loss, of which 5 did not lose the ball. The only opponent who lost the ball was Liverpool. At that time, the two oolong balls made the team regretLost north.At present, the team is facing a lot of injuries. Madison, Hall, Sumarre and Justin, and Evans may continue to be absent. Most of these players are the main force, which will greatly affect the team’s play.

Historical records: In the past 6 times, Newcastle won 3 wins, 0 draws and 3 losses.

Tuesday 010 British League Cup Manchester United VS Charton 2023-01-11 04:00

Venue: Old Trafford Stadium

The home team Manchester joint:

Manchester United defeated Everton 3-1 in the FA Cup last weekend. The team ushered in 7 consecutive victories of various formal games. This is the first time that the team has achieved such a good result in the past 4 years.At the same time, in Old Trafford, Manchester United’s various events ushered in 8 consecutive victories.Lashford continued to play well. In the past 5 games, 5 goals and 2 assists have been contributed. This season, he is very efficient and can contribute a goal every 98 minutes.Among Manchester United’s nearly 10 official games at home, the team scored 9 wins and 1 draw and 22 goals and lost 3 goals, 8 of which zero opponents.The Dutch striker Wagoster, which had conflicted with Messi at the World Cup, approached Manchester United.Van Delbeck and San Qiao are expected to recuperate.

The guest team Charton:

Charton is the British team, and the team has just welcomed two consecutive victories in the British League.In the previous British Cup, Charlton eliminated the Premier League team Breaton at home at home, but Breaton did not send his strongest lineup at the time.Charlton was a team that Chinese player Zheng Zhi has played for, so it was familiar with Chinese fans.However, the last time the Charton played in the Premier League dates back to the 06/07 season.From the perspective of the confrontation, Manchester United maintained a 10 -game winning streak against Charton. In these 10 games, Charton scored only 3 goals, but lost 29 goals.In general, the difference between the two teams is too large, and Charton has a small chance of bursting.

Historical record: In the past 6 times, Manchester United 6 wins 0 draws and 0 losses.

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