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Great Lottery Great: Manchester United has a total of 4 games in the last 4, and the opponent Benfica is full of victory at home



On Friday 006 Dutch Twins vs 2023-01-07 03:00

Venue: Heros Castle Stadium

The home team Twita:

In the league standings, Twins ranked 5th in 8 wins, 3 draws, 3 losses and 27 points.In the offseason, Twins played 4 warm -up games.However, before the start of the World Cup, Train was in a good state, and the team’s 5 league games were unbeaten in 3 wins and 2 draws.From the perspective of the main end of the game, Traint is the best team of the Dutch in the season of the season. So far, 6 wins and 1 tielihinhwin and Ajax are strong.In addition, Trins are the best defensive team this season. The league has only 9 losses so far, of which 2 are the least in each team.In the offensive, Twente’s home fire was fierce and scored 19 goals so far, averaging 2.7 goals per game.Generally speaking, Twins is very strong at home and has good offense and defense performance.


Aspect of the visiting team:

On the league standings, Emen ranked 16th in 2 wins, 5 draws, 7 losses, and 11 points.In the last league before the start of the World Cup, in the case of 1-3 behind, Emen tied the strong enemy Ajax 3-3, which was surprising.During the truce, Emen played 3 warm -up games with a record of 2 wins and 1 loss.Since the league, Emen’s away 1 wins and 6 losses is one of the worst teams in the league. At the same time, the team is still the second younger goal, the least away goal, and the third away goal.EssenceFaced with the strong Twins at home, Ermen was under great pressure.

Historical records: In the past 6 times, Twins 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses.

Friday 017 Portuguese Benfica VS Portonis 2023-01-07 03:00

Venue: Guangming Stadium

The home team Benfica:

On the league standings, Benfica ranked first in the list of 12 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss, and 37 points.In the last round of the league, this Ficca lost to Bulgari 0-3. In the first defeat of the league this season, the record of the unbeaten record of the team’s 28 games in 28 games was also announced.During the game, both Argentine National Antoni and Enzo Felnands both played on the field, but the team still exposed the problem of lack of dense defense capabilities. In addition, there was not much way to fight sharp counterattack against Braga.However, Benfica is still the team with the largest number of goals and home games in the Portuguese Super League this season.Benfica has maintained a full victory so far this season and scored 3.7 goals per game.

The guest team Port Mansi:


In the league standings, Port Mansis ranked 8th with 6 wins, 1 draw, 7 losses and 19 points.In the league, Port Mansis lost to Caspia 1-2 at home.During the game, the opponent took the lead, but shortly then Portonis equalized the score with Cantero’s penalty kick.In the final stage of the game, the opponent scored a goal.From the perspective of the game, Port Mansis did not perform well and was suppressed by the opponent. This is also the true portrayal of the team’s state of the team after the World Cup.Recently, the Port Mansi League 7 games, 1 win, 1 draw and 5 losses have performed badly.On the whole, Port Manson has a weak offensive ability. So far, the league scores only 13 goals, and it is less than 1 goal per game.In general, the strength gap between the two teams is obvious, and Portonis is very difficult to “Sakye” away.

Historical record: In the past 6 times, Benfica 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.

Friday 018 British Football Cup Manchester United VS Everton 2023-01-07 04:00

Venue: Old Trafford Stadium

The home team Manchester United:

In the league this week, Manchester United defeated Bernemouth 3-0 at home.Casemiro, Luke Shaw, and Rashford have made merit.During the competition, Manchester United completely controlled the situation on the field. Although the opponent also had sporadic opportunities, it was also blocked by De Gea and beams.The players’ performance made the coach Teng Hah very satisfied.The only bad news is that Van Delbeck was directly returned to the locker by his opponent’s shovel in the game.Manchester United has recently ushered in a 6 -game winning streak, Rashford has scored four consecutive games in four consecutive games.What is even more valuable is that in the last 4 official competitions, Manchester United has completed zero -seal opponents.

The guest team Everton:

Everton lost 1-4 at home in the last round of the league. The team’s official competitions have been invincible, and there are 5 games in the last 6 games.Everton is currently ranked 18th in the Premier League standings. If Lampard wants to keep his handsome position, he needs to quickly improve the league record to avoid continuing to be trapped in relegation quagmires.Recently, Everton’s offensive and defensive issues have been very large. In the nearly 7 games, the team has only 4 goals, and it has lost 16 goals in the last 6 games.Earlier, Everton has been cleaned out in the British Cup. In this game, the battle of war is difficult to guarantee.


Historical record: In the past 6 times, Manchester United 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss.

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