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Great Lottery: England scrape the “Youth Storm” Dutch War Ecuador

Friday 019 World Cup Dutch VS Ecuador 2022-11-26 00:00

Venue: Harry Fat International Stadium

Dutch side:

In the first round of the World Cup Group A, the Dutch team returned to the World Cup after 8 years against the African Cup champion Senegal. With the goal of Gakpo and Clarson, the “Orange Cloth Legion” defeated the “Tranga Lion Lion 2: 0 “”. In this field, coach Van Gaal boldly used the 28 -year -old “newcomer” Noper in the goalkeeper. This is not only the first show of the World Cup, but also his national team’s first show. In the end, Noper returned Van Gal’s trust with his performance. He contributed 4 rescue in the game, and tried to defend the team’s door. At present, the Dutch team and Ecuador are 3 points. The net wins are the same, and they are led by hand. The two teams in this campaign ushered in a positive confrontation, which will also be a veritable battle.


During the unveiling battle of this World Cup, South America’s Geek Tour Ecuador against the host Qatar. The 33 -year -old captain Enner Valencia kicked the two yuan in the top of his head, crushing the “iron law” of “the host of the host first”, showing the heritage and domineering of the first shooter of the Ecuador team. It is worth mentioning that the team’s recent five World Cup scored by this striker. At present, Ecuador and the Netherlands have 3 points with each other, leaving in the group side by side. Although the team easily defeated Qatar, the host of this group, after all, the opponent’s strength was weak. Next, facing the old giant Dutch is the real test of the team.

Historical records: In the past 2 games, the Netherlands 1 wins, 1 draw and 0 losses.

On Friday 020 World Cup England VS US 2022-11-26 03:00

Venue: Gulf Stadium

England aspect:

In the first round of the World Cup group stage B, the “Three Lions Legion” England won the “opening of the door” with the number one in Asia 6: 2. In this first show, 19 -year -old Belinsham scored the first goal of the World Cup and became the first “post -00” player to score in the World Cup. Subsequently, Sakaka, Stirin, Rashford and Gralish scored separately, among which Sakaka was two yuan. Coincidentally, the five players in their goal staged their own virgins in the World Cup. After Belinsham and Sakaka, they set off a youth storm. After the first round of the game, the England team ranked first in Group B. Facing the active American team in this campaign, the “Three Lions Legion” looked forward to continuing the fiery offensive momentum.

US aspect:

In the World Cup Group B game, the US team won the lead in the first half with Timoshi Via, but the Wales Bell used the penalty kick to equalize the score in the second half. In the end, the two teams shook hands and said at 1: 1 , Take 1 point each. According to the ranking rules, the two sides decided to decide the ranking according to the fair competition (that is, the red and yellow cards). The U.S. team has 4 yellow cards and the Welsh team has 2 yellow cards. Therefore, the US team temporarily ranks third in Group B. After absent from the last World Cup, the US team has been updated. At present, young players are mainly young players, and half of them have played in the five major European leagues. However, compared with the European teams, they lack the heritage. Although they are more powerful, they are not smart enough, and they lack the ability to conclude randomly on the court.

Historical record: In the last 2 games, England 1 wins, 1 draw and 0 losses.


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