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Tuesday 004 Premier League Everton vs Breaton

2023-01-04 03:45

Venue: Gudison Park Stadium

The home team Everton:

In the league standings, Everton currently ranks 16th in 3 wins, 6 draws, 8 losses and 15 points.In the play game, Everton took 1-1 away to Ping Manchester City and scored a valuable 1 point.In the second half, Gray rushed into the penalty area with a single shot, entering the world wave to help the team equalize the score.

Everton’s performance this season is unsatisfactory, and Lampard’s handsome position is also at stake.Everton’s last victory in the league dates back to the Crystal Palace 3-0 at home on October 22 last year.Recently, Everton’s official competitions have been invincible for 6 consecutive games.Aona has a total of 5 yellow cards in this field.After the winter window opened, the team recalled striker Elis Sims from Sandlan.The opponent Branton was very difficult to entangle, and there was not much time left for Lampard.

The guest team Breaton:

On the league standings, Breaton is currently 7 wins, 3 draws and 6 losses.In the play game, Breaton lost to Arsenal 2-4 at home.

Breaton’s play is remarkable this season. The team is not a traditional Premier League team in the traditional sense. It emphasizes control that emphasizes the technology and counterattack has its own characteristics.Breaton’s away play in the season is even better than home. Among the recent official competitions, the team’s nearly 4 away 3 wins and 1 draw performed well.

Historical record: In the past 6 times, Everton 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses.

On Tuesday 005 Premier League Arsenal VS Newcastle

2023-01-04 03:45

Venue: Chief Course

The home team Arsenal:

On the league standings, Arsenal ranked first in 14 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss, 43 points. As Manchester City was tied by Everton at home, the team’s leading advantage expanded to 7 points.In the last round, Arsenal defeated Breton 4-2 away. Sakaka, Edgao, Enkatia, and Martinari were for the team.

As the top team, Arsenal’s performance is very good. From 1-3 away to Manchester United, the Arsenal League has 9 wins and 1 draw, of which 5 consecutive victories are recently wins.This season, the Arsenal League has also maintained a victory at home.However, it should be reminded that Arsenal’s back defense is not a iron plate, and there are only one unluming ball at home at home.During the World Cup, the head of the front line was unable to play in a short time.

The guest team Newcastle joint:

On the league standings, Newcastle Federation ranked 3rd in 9 wins, 7 draws, 1 loss, 34 points.In the last round of the league, Newcastle was tied by Leeds at 0-0 at home. The Magpie Corps occupied the initiative on the field, and there was no shortage of opportunities to break the door, but failed to grasp.

The performance of Newcastle’s Newcastle Union this season can be described as “reborn”. Since September 1 last year lost to Liverpool, the team has not lost in the league for 4 months. Nearly 5 away games, Newcastle Union 4 wins and 1 draw.After the winter window opened, Newcastle recalls the goalkeeper Dubrafca from Manchester United in advance.

Historical record: In the past 6 times, Arsenal 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.

Tuesday 006 Premier League Manchester United VS Burnsmus

2023-01-04 04:00

Venue: Old Trafford Stadium

The home team Manchester joint:

On the league standings, Manchester United ranked 4th with 10 wins, 2 draws, 4 losses and 32 points.In the last round of the league, Manchester United defeated the Wolves 1-0 away, and Lashford, who debuted by the bench, won.In addition, Rashford has a goal because the handball is canceled first.At the last moment of the game, De Gea flung the opponent’s threatening shot.

Manchester United’s recent record has ushered in a rebound, the league has won 3 consecutive victories, and various formal competitions have won 5 consecutive victories.On the league home, Manchester United has recently maintained an unbeaten 5 wins and 1 draw and 4 consecutive games.With Cristiano Ronaldo with the team, Teng Hak had enough control over the team.Faced with the strong Bernharma in this game, Manchester United is naturally desperate for 3 points.

The guest team Burnsmouth:

In the league standings, Bernemouth ranked 15th in 4 wins, 4 draws, 9 losses and 16 points.In the last round of the league, Bernemouth lost to the Crystal Palace 0-2 at home.From the performance of the field, the team did not have much chance at all, and the two positioning balls were lost 2 goals.In general, the upper limit of the team is not high.

Bernemouth’s recent performance has been a little downturn, with 1 win and 6 losses in the last 7 leagues.In addition, the team is not good at away. This season, the league has only 1 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses.Burnsmus is the team with the most goals in the Premier League this season. It has lost 26 goals so far, averaging more than 3 goals per game.

Historical record: In the past 6 times, Manchester United 5 wins and 1 loss.


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