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Grand Great: Strasbourg urgently need to rebound in Liverpool to meet a giant killer

Monday 002 French Lavio Strasbourg vs Truva 2023-01-02 22:00

Venue: Minawu Stadium

The home team Strasbourg:

Strasbourg is currently only 1 win, 8 draws and 7 losses, and is deeply trapped in the downgrade zone.In the league, the team lost 1-2 away to Paris Saint-Germman.Although the team lost the ball early, they did not give up. Shortly, I equalized the score shortly in the second half.However, when Neymar was punished, the team failed to seize the opportunity. Instead, in the final stage of the game, Mbappe scored the penalty he created, and finally lost his skills.The performance of Strasbourg this season is bad. The team’s only victory this season is dating back to October 9 last year. Recently, the team league has been endlessly won, and this season has not been able to get at home at home.victory.

The visiting team Truva:

Truva currently ranks behind 3 wins, 6 draws, 7 losses and 15 points.In the last round of the league, Truva tied with Nante 0-0 at home. In the game, there were not many opportunities for the two sides.The goalkeeper hit the pillar and regretted not breaking the door.Tride’s recent record has also been extremely sluggish. The team has endlessly won in the league for eight consecutive games, of which the away game is a three -game losing streak.However, comprehensive play, Tride’s offensive ability is not bad.In addition, the main striker Bald of the last round will be lifted back. He has scored 7 goals in the league this season.

Historical record: In the past 6 times, Strasbourg 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses.

Monday 009 Premier League Brent Ford VS Liverpool 2023-01-03 01:30

Venue: Griffin Park Stadium

The home team Brent Ford:

Brent Ford currently ranks 10th in 5 wins, 8 draws, 4 losses and 23 points.Brent Ford defeated West Ham 2-0 away. After the game began, the opponent took the lead, but failed to break the goal.Subsequently, Ivana Tony helped the team to lead the team in the border ball tactics.Later, Dalva received a pass from Iwan-Tony and squeezed the opponent’s defender to break the door and finally achieved victory.

Brentford, with the characteristics of “black horse”, has performed well this season. They only lost one goal at home, and they remained unbeaten in the last 5 leagues.Such a performance is inseparable from the excellent performance of their main striker Ivan-Tony.After scoring with West Ham, Ivana became the third player in the 2022 Premier League after Kane and Harland, including 12 goals in the 2022 Premier League, including 12 goals this season.The bad news is that Ivan-Tony was lifted away from the stretcher in the game with West Ham. If he could not play, it would undoubtedly have a great impact on the team’s offense.

Liverpool on the visiting team:

Liverpool is currently ranked 6th with 8 wins, 4 draws, 4 losses, and 28 points, and Arsenal at the top of the list has 43 points. Even if compared to Manchester United, which temporarily ranks 4th, Liverpool’s points are 4 points less.The Red Army obviously needs more efforts to get points.In the last round of the league, Liverpool reversed the city of Lester 2-1. Soon after the opening, Liverpool was captured by the opponent, but Liverpool then strengthened the attack and eventually reversed the score in the first half with the opponent’s two oolong balls.In the second half, Salah also had a goal, but Nenes was invalidated because of the offspring.

The overall performance of Liverpool’s line this season is not very satisfactory. Nuns’s opportunity has been questioned and has been repeatedly questioned, and Salah’s performance is slightly sluggish.In addition, it is important to note that although Liverpool has recently ushered in four consecutive victories in the league, the team has lost goals for 6 consecutive leagues, which is also a hidden danger of the team.Ramzizi, Kelleh and Curtis Jones may continue to be absent due to injuries. Fabinho, who was absent from the child in the last round, was not confirmed whether he could catch up with this game.

Historical record: In the last 2 confrontation, Brent Ford 1 draw and 1 loss.


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