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Grand Great: Argentine is excellent in Australia.

On Tuesday 005 World Cup Argentina vs Saudi Arabia 2022-11-22 18:00

Venue: Lusser Stadium


Argentina’s road to the Qatar World Cup can be described as smooth sailing. In the South American qualifiers, they scored an unbeaten record of 11 wins and 6 draws. During the period, they scored 27 goals and lost only 8 goals. According to the latest national team released by FIFA, Argentina ranks third in the world. The team’s lineup was led by superstar Messi, Di Maria, Laartar Martinez and other giants, and the total value reached 645 million euros. Before the World Cup started, the Argentine team played a friendly match with the UAE in Abu Dhabi. Di Maria opened the second degree. Messi made a shot and the team finally won the opponent 5: 0, showing the excellent competitive state. Essence In the first game against the Asian team Saudi Arabia, the goal of Panpas Eagle was naturally all three points.

Saudi Arabia:

In the top 12 competitions in the Asian World Championship, Saudi Arabia has played a rare high level in recent years. In the 10 rounds of group stage, it has achieved a record of 7 wins, 2 draws, and 1 loss, and eventually overwhelmed the number one group in Japan. Although the team is a strong team in Asia, it is placed in the top 32 of the World Cup, but it is a team with weak overall strength. In the latest ranking of FIFA, they only ranked 51st. Because most players come from local leagues, there are no particularly famous stars in the Saudi Formation. Faced with Argentina, one of the most popular championships in this game, Saudi Arabia is far from the opponent of the player’s worth or world ranking.

Historical record: In the past 6 games, Argentina 0 wins, 1 draw and 0 losses.

On Tuesday 008 World Cup France VS Australia 2022-11-23 03:00

Venue: Janubu Stadium


As the defending champion, the French World Cup qualifiers are quite smooth. They won the group name with 5 wins and 3 draws in 8 games, and easily advanced to the World Cup. The team was originally able to have the most luxurious and most balanced lineup in the world, but due to injuries, they need to consider the configuration of personnel. The French team recently announced that Mr. Benzema Benma was withdrawn from the four -head muscle injury of the left thigh stock, which was undoubtedly a major blow to the Gaul Rooster. The first game against the “Kangaroo Legion” is worth mentioning that France was divided into Australia in the 2018 World Cup. At that time, the team won 2: 1.


In the Twelve Asia of the World Cup, Australia was forced to enter the intercontinental play match, and finally eliminated Peru through a penalty kick, and took the last bus to Qatar. At present, Australia ranks only 38 in the world, far behind France and Denmark in the same group, and is also lower than the 30th Tunisia. Different from playing in Asia, in the face of European and American teams, the physical advantages of Australian players will be difficult to show, even at a disadvantage. In the first game of the group stage, the French team was defended. The “Kangaroo Legion” was very difficult to stage the following good shows.

Historical record: In the past 1 game, France 1 wins, 0 draws and 0 losses.


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