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Good eyebrow recovery is good, start running training pain completely disappears

On January 5th, Beijing time, according to the famous NBA reporter Wo Shen report, the Lakers star Andonie Davis’s recovery is good. It is already undergoing running training, and the next step will be jumper training.

Anthony Davis was injured in the Nuggets on December 17th. Later, the Lakers announced that the eyebrows had stressful injuries due to the existence of stress on the right foot, and the forecast given by the outside world was at least one month.

At present, thick eyebrows have been injured for more than three weeks, and there are 9 games absent.

Wo Shen revealed that the recovery of thick eyebrows is encouraged. At present, there is no pain, and running training on the court has begun.The next step will be jump training to observe the feet.

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  1. Pingka forced the championship lineup Real Niu. Now the oldest league is the oldest, with a 30 % to 40 % attendance rate, and a super giant to give a base salary bench.[Haha]

  2. It is best not to come out. The Lakers have adapted to

  3. a few games for a few months!Too crispy

  4. Hurry up, I need to help.

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    Half-relativeFangZezawa 1月 5, 2023 at 2:28 上午

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