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Golf designer Lu Junlian Talking about the Ridge Reconstruction (3) Guoling Structure Practice

This issue continues to serialize an article by Lu Jun, a Chinese golf course designer Lu Jun.

Lu Jun

Golf Stadium designer.Since 1993, he has been engaged in the design of golf course. In the past 30 years, there have been more than 40 stadium design works. The representative works include the Yulin Desert Golf Course.

The structure of Guoling

There are three basic practices of the structure of the green:

The first is the natural sand and green.

The second is the USGA Ridge.

The third is California Gulin.

There are also modifications based on these three practices.


USGA Ridge Broken Noodles


California Gulin section

Most of the stadiums before 1920 adopted natural sand and fruit ridges, but now it is only used in areas with good water drainage performance in the local sand.For example, the Yulin Desert Golf Stadium and Hainan Shanqinwan New Hole.

The USGA Ridge was a type of green construction specification launched by the American Golf Association in 1960. At that time, Dr. Marvin Ferguson and Professor LUNT, Howard, Morris, and Bloodworth were participated in the formulation.After many revisions.It can be seen from the horizontal section map that the USGA greens are set up with gravel layer and coarse sand layer, and mixed materials are added to the 30 cm thick sand layer. Generally, there are materials such as peat soil and water preservation agent.

California Gilling was officially named in a publication of the University of California in 1990.They are based on the experiments and testing of the root of the Gling in the University of California for 30 years: the selected pure sand can become the best root area of the Golf Stadium Gallery.Then the American Golf Association also used both California and USGA Glory as the recommended practice.In contrast to the USGA Ridge, the biggest difference between California’s Ridge is that there is no gravel layer and coarse sand layer, and other mixed materials are not added to the 30 cm thick sand layer.

Advantages of USGA Glory:

(1) This is the earliest constructor established by a mature theoretical system. It is the result of joint research by many scholars and technicians.In the 60 -year history, the unremitting efforts of generations have gradually improved.Although some wrong ideas have been correct for decades, such as the Perched Water Table, and many professionals are continuously used.

(2) Make significant results in ecological environmental protection.

(3) The operation of the entire system is still relatively stable.

(4) In the 30 years before the emergence of California, it has made a lot of contributions to the construction of the golf course.

The disadvantages of USGA Glory:

The complex structure and high construction cost are its obvious disadvantages.A large number of various mixed materials are mixed with a variety of mixed materials, which can also cause poor drainage performance and softening of the greens.

Advantages of California Gusher:

(1) Simple structure, convenient construction, and easy control of construction quality.

(2) The construction cost is low, and the construction cost of the California Glory in the United States is about one -third of the USGA Guoling.

(3) Save water and fertilizer.It is in line with the concept of ecological environmental protection today.The amount of water and fertilizer is about one -half of the USGA green.

Throughout the development history of the construction of the green, early technology is backward, forming a simple natural sand.With the emergence of advanced technologies and materials, it has developed to complex USGA Glory.With the improvement of the knowledge, it evolved to simplified California.This process from Jane to Fan to Jane has a high degree of similarities with other industries.

Most of our domestic golf courses are the USGA greens.There are many specific reasons. The most reason is that the USGA is more authoritative, the structure is relatively complicated, the drainage performance is good, and the cost is high (the expensive things are generally good), so it is selected.This situation is more common in the United States.However, after 1990, many new stadiums in the United States adopted California Gulin.Not only reduce construction costs, but also save water.More importantly, the effect of improving the hardness of the greenness is more significant.

This is because the hard greens are one of the important signs of good greens and good stadiums. It is not difficult to do softness, but it is not easy to maintain hardness.California’s greens are made of pure sand as the green. Organic matter is not added in the sand layer, so that the greens will not be soft due to excessive organic matter.

Dr. Michael J. Hurdzan, a well -known American golf course designer, Dr. Hedzan, was a chairman of the American Golf Stadium Designer Association and a member of the Gusing Dispel Board.In addition to the design of more than 100 stadiums, he has worked for more than 40 years of research in the design, construction, and the structure of the green.He has a monograph “Golf Green” and it is worth studying.Many views from this article come from this book and the results of exchanges with Dr. Hedzan himself.He here is also sincere thanks to him.

Before this article was released, I communicated with Dr. Hedzan on the practice of using the California California Ridge on the renovation of the Nansha Stadium. He reiterated that many lawn directors were worried that the pure sand fruit ridge would not keep water without water and excessive watering.As a result, the roots of the green grass are not good.This is wrong.He suggested that the green grass is between dry and wet, which is the best state.In 2013, on a nine -hole court in Haikou City, Hainan Province, we tested six USGA greens and three California Glory. The comparison result was also one -half of the USGA Glory of the California.Essence

The Ridge of the Nansha Stadium chose the California Gling practice, the purpose is to ensure the smoothness, hardness and speed of the green.Because no organic matter is added to pure sand, the speed of the green lawn is slightly slower in the early stage of growth, but the organic matter content of the surface layer will be significantly improved after 10 to 12 months. By then, the growth rate of the lawn will return to normal.

After the Nansha Stadium’s reconstruction of Shinkansen has been used for two months, the roller hardness performed well without taking any additional measures.

The drainage and pure sand of the Nansha Stadium Mountain Farm 3 Caves Ridge Glip.The red marking on the wooden stake in the figure is the thickness of the sand filling after compacted.


After this transformation, the Nansha Golf Stadium Mountain Farm Ridge, under the premise of slightly enlarged the total area of the Glory, ensures that each green cup has 21 hole cups, which is convenient for the management of subsequent lawns.On the surface of the rich green, it creates a rich strategic cave cup position for players, and also adds fun to hitting the ball.It is well received in the just -concluded “Hanlin Cup” competition.

And the position of the 21 cave cups with different hitting difficulties in each green, which brings a new problem: 18 Glory, and the combination of 21 different difficult cava positions.Impact?This issue will be introduced in detail in the next article “Candor Cup Position Management Law”.

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