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The thrilling equestrian movement is shocking, and the ups and downs of the plot are fascinating. Humai is deep, and Matouqin is melodious. Against the gorgeous and realistic dance, a horse back legend that happened on the vast grassland slowly expands …

The 2019 edition of the Eternal Horse Song, created by the Inner Mongolia National Art Theater, ended from May 1 to the National Day holiday, performed 114 games.

After the 2019 version of “Eternal Horse Song” was staged, praise continued, and in the early stage, the 1,368 seats of the Ethnic Minority Cultural and Sports Center in Inner Mongolia appeared in the scene where the 1,368 seats were full, and it was difficult to find a vote.

As one of the Horse -themed Cultural Performance Aces of the first Inner Mongolia International Horse Culture Expo, the panoramic large -scale horse dance drama “Eternal Horse Song” has been premiered in 2014, and has experienced the polishing and carving of the year after year. Write a horse affection. In the past six years, the interpretation of excellence has not only made “Eternal Horse Song” a classic project that is not allowed to travel to Inner Mongolia, one of the beautiful business cards that make the whole country and the world understand the grassland culture, but also the poetic interpretation of horse culture. Inheritance of spirit.

2019 version of “Eternal Horse Song” highlights

For the 2019 version of “Eternal Horse Song”, the general director Mu Qingru sum up:

“This is a life course of a person with a horse with his horses.

This is a relationship between horses and life and death.

This is an emotional complaint that is hardworking and hardworking. “

The 2019 version of “Eternal Horse Song” is determined by the Mongolian horse spirit. By telling the growth of the “I” -the son of a shepherd, the emotional process of the Mongolian nation encountered, met, accompanied by each other, accompanied by each other, life and death, and co -sharing, reflecting the great journey of the Mongolian nation, forge ahead, and pursuing civilized progress. It praises the open and tenacious national spirit of the horse back nation, and shows the great realm of harmonious coexistence and poetic inhabitation of man and horses, people and grasslands.

Mu Qing said: “In order to make the whole performance magnificent and full of visual impact, we updated the excellent stage machinery, comprehensively using modern symphony, slightly shrinking grassland landscape, ultra -clear LED, ring projection screen, laser effect combined with rain, smoke sand In other special effects, a multi -dimensional three -dimensional performance effect has been created, allowing the audience to achieve the 3D sensory experience of the naked eye. In just one hour, there is both the golden iron and iron horses and the tenderness of one person and one horse. The sincerity of sincerity, there are also elegance of dancing steps. “

The number and varieties of horses participating in the show have also increased, from 129 horses in 2014 to more than 140 categories -Mongolian horses with one of the four ancient horses in the world, one of the world’s four ancient horses, have strong physical fitness, disease resistance, fear of cold, extremely vitality, extremely vitality Strong; Fisham horse with the oldest purebred horses in the world, naturally lift his legs when traveling, like dancing; ancient Portuguese Malaysia Luxitanima has an eagle -like facial line. Dripping; Andalusia, Spain, can master the essentials of high fancy ride, once known as “dancing horses”; the dwarf horse in Debao County, Guangxi, my country is beautiful and tamed with temperament. Car and load … These “horse actors” perform their duties in each of the play and complete the perfect cooperation with acrobatics in the play in the play.

The 2019 version of “Eternal Horse Song” improves the techniques and difficulties of actors’ back techniques and increased acrobatics. It is more dangerous, more strange, and visual experience.

The head of the acrobatics group of Inner Mongolia National Art Theater and the general guidance of “Eternal Horse Song” horse back acrobatics, said:

“We adapted the” High Car Kick Bowl “, which had won the Golden Award of the International Acrobatic Art Festival, turned the tall car into a steed, presenting the” Horse Back Kick Bowl “to the audience, which increased the difficulty of performance and further improved.”

During the performance, the handsome and handsome horses dance, the unique Mongolian dress dance steps, single -person single horses, many people and horses, upright, upright, pyramid, and other difficult techniques. Wonderful acrobatics, full of beauty and artistic enjoyment, the auditorium exclaimed, and the voices of admiration were endless.

Do not forget the original intention to achieve stage boutique

The “Eternal Horse Song” cultural industry project is an important measure to implement the spirit of General Secretary Jinping during the inspection of Inner Mongolia, promote the deep integration of culture and tourism, build a characteristic leading cultural industry project, explore the effective transformation and utilization of performing arts resources. In the background of the “, the important cultural industrial projects reflecting grassland culture and unique characteristics of the northern Xinjiang. In the past 6 years, “Elder Horse Song” has often been performed, and has gained countless honors-

In 2014, “Elder Horse Song” appeared in the 12,000 square meters of the “China Madu” core area of ​​the “China · Madau” core area of ​​Xilingule League. Top ten news list;

In 2015, “Elder Horse Song” was rated as the “China Malaysia Culture Promotion Award” by the China Malaysia Association and was funded by the National Art Fund;

In 2019, “Elder Horse Song” won the golden cup of China’s Best Tourism Performing Arts Project Award at the Eighth China Tourism Investment Etia Award Awards Ceremony.

Zheng Ruida, the producer of “Eternal Horse Song”::

“” Eternal Horse Song “has aimed at the first domestic and world -class goals based on the high -end industry and the forefront of the standing market. A tourist product that fills the blank performance of the inner Mongolian horse culture in the field, and it is also an excellent work that taps the Mongolian nation and the emotional emotions of the Mongolian nation and the depth of the horse. The birth of the “Song” cultural project fills the gaps of the integration of high -quality integration of Inner Mongolia culture and tourism, fully demonstrate the advantages of the national culture of Inner Mongolia, and create a cultural brand of Inner Mongolia. In its unique way, it promotes the traditional culture of ethnic minorities unique to Inner Mongolia. At the same time, it is to enhance the value of Mongolian and elegant cultural brand and drive the development of regional economy and tourism.

In the view of actor Zhang Guoqiang in the play, “Elder Horse Song” has also had an important impact on the development of equestrian in our district.

“” Eternal Horse Song “provides a new direction for the development of equestrian, which has strong practical significance for the promotion and development of traditional equestrian art. The development of equestrian in the new period is no longer limited to traditional sports competitive projects, but also gradually displayed in the display. In tourism culture and stage programs, a variety of emergencies have been created for equestrian communication, providing opportunities for the public and understanding of equestrian. “

Li Shurong, a professor at Inner Mongolia University, said:

“One of the core concepts of grassland culture is ‘advocating nature’, and the concept of ‘nature’ is generous. The harmonious relationship between the people praised by the Eternal Horse Song tells the audience: Horse is the symbol of nature. Humans are how nature treats human beings; how people rely on horses are how human beings rely on nature. Therefore, virtues such as praising the toughness, responsibility, bravery, loyalty, and benevolent of the horse are people who have virtues in virtue. “

From scratch, excellence. After continuous improvement and refinement, the “Elder Horse Song” continued to mature, showing tourists from all over the world showing this unique style and infinite charm on the land.

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