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Global Student Black and White Dreaming Youth Blooming Go Flowers The 7th World College Student Go Championship is about to open

Global Student Black and White Dreaming Youth Blooming Go Flowers The 7th World College Student Go Championship is about to open

On November 26, 2022, the 7th World College Student Go Championship, which is looking forward to college student Go enthusiasts around the world, will start online. This event that re -ignited the dream of youth students after three years, through the Chinese Go Association and the Shanghai Yingchangqi Go Education Foundation, they were fully promoted to gather in the new form of British talents to score the sound of the university.

Based on the 2013 World University Student Go Invitational Tournament held at Shanghai Jiaotong University, the 2014 World University Go Championship officially became a new part of Ying’s Go career. From 1983 to the Future World Youth Championship, to the Yingshi Cup World Professional Championships, which has attracted worldwide attention in 1988, to the foundation of the 2004 Promotion of the Chinese Professional Championship, the 2011 Chen Yi Cup China Amateur Open. Therefore, the Yingchangqi Go Education Foundation founded and inherited by Mr. Ying Changqi and Mr. Ying Minghao, with a strong love of nourishing the world with a strong love of nourishing Go, is endless.

It is different from the previous Ying’s series of competitions. Different from the stadium and serious atmosphere. The youngest world college student Go game is the easiest, most joyful and friendly. College students with different countries, different ethnic groups, different languages, and different chess capabilities around the world sit in the same Go sky, and communicate and connect in the same way to produce a spark of sparks and resonance. There are only encounters here, no losers, only sowing, no elimination, and human beings who are “worldly” are willing to find consensus on the Go disk, and find the way with black and white chess pieces.

In the 2014 Hong Kong Island Fengyun Association, the Chinese University of Hong Kong was far away. In 2015, Bao Island Go, Hsinchu “Tsinghua University” Yiyuan was lush. In 2016, Maple Leaf was gathered, and the University of Toronto, Canada, to the north. In 2017, the country of Buddhism was ritual. In 2018, the students went to Britain, and the Kanghe River of Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. In 2019, the chess guests went to Nanyang, and the University of Sydney, Australia, was playing. Along the footprints of the Yingshi Cup World University Student Go, Go has traveled to the world’s famous victories, meeting the elites in the world, crossing the mountains, and embrace the future.

At the time of the first scene of the scene, some of the players who participated in the World University Go game of that year, some entered the society, worked hard in the workplace, and some continued their studies. Tall steps, or engage in popularity, develop further borders. I used to play against each other, sing down the field, enjoy the victory, and narrate friendship in seconds, engraved in the life experience of each contestant, lingering for a long time, condensing into a Go spiritual hometown in the exclusive memory hometown hometown Essence

In the past three years, the world has been stagnant for too long. Fortunately, Go and the Internet can reach all seas without hindrance. Each time I visited the Go Student Go Statue, and I talked about the world champion Chang Hao Jiusi, who communicated with the students, and took over the banner of the Shanghai Yingchangqi Go Education Foundation in 2022. As the Chinese first Yingshi Cup champion, I continued Ying’s Go is ideal. The world’s university student Go game also takes off the wings of the Internet, without fear of wind and waves.

We have set up a song in Yiyuan, where Dr. Shen Junshan’s wish

We once sang the Kanghe River in the poet of Xu Zhimo

The majestic Blue Mountains and Niagara Falls will remember us

I have been here to sail again

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