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Gender war ended!Samsung Cup Shen Zhen 谞 2-0 Cui Jing won the 4th crown

On November 8th, 2022 The 27th Samsung Car Insurance Cup World Go Masters Three Chess Finals fell in the second game of the third game. Four world champions.

Since 2020, Shen Zhenyu broke out. It is almost difficult for the international and domestic defeats, and has maintained a number of winning streak. During the period, Xiao Shen won the 24th LG Cup champion, the 13th Chunlan Cup and the 26th LG Cup champion. The record of five consecutive World Championships created in 1998.

Although Cui Jing was defeated, this Samsung Cup defeated the Japanese chess Saint Liao, the third Yang Dingxin in China, and the second part of the Korean level. The best achievement of women’s players in the World Championships was the previous record that Rui Naiwei broke into the semi -finals in the 2nd Yingshi Cup. In the finals, Cui Jing faced the strength and status of Shen Zhen, who was in the middle of the day, and eventually lost 0 to 2 due to his strength.


In the second inning the 2nd inning Cui Jing, if the dragon is connected at this time


The actual combat map, Cui Jing’s strategic mistake, failed to recover the middle dragon first, which caused the latter two dragons to be attacked by entanglement, showing a defeat.

In the second game of the finals, Shen Zhenyu’s play in the first half was not perfect, and there was a mistake in the battle below. However, Cui Jing failed to seize the opportunity to obtain a concise advantage. The dragon was attacked by entanglement. Shen Zhenxuan entered the rhythm of winning chess. Cui Jing couldn’t turn over to 184 hands.

The Samsung Cup entered the top 8 in South Korea, and then won the top 4. The poor Chinese chess players have been criticized by many chess fans. Affected by the epidemic, the number of Chinese players decreased to a large amount. This year, Ke Jie’s game was 47 innings, and Shen Zhenyu reached 86 sets. The reduction of the game also makes it difficult for players to maintain the state.

Shen Zhenzhen’s data is dazzling, but he did not surpass Ke Jie at the same time. This time he won the fourth crown of him. He was 22 years old, and Ke Jie held eight championships. He won the four crowns at the age of 20 (2016 The 21st Samsung Cup). I hope that chess fans can encourage more Chinese players. When the clouds are fog, we will rise again.

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  1. At present, only Ying Shi of Taiwan, Samsung in South Korea, Chunlan in China, and the Japanese World Championship have gone since the suspension of Fuji. The number of world champions can only count these a few now

  2. Reply
    Thesadnessandhappinessofsportsfans 11月 12, 2022 at 7:33 上午

    People 10W every day is improper. There is a case near us stop working and stopped. How can we compare it?

  3. Is there a bragging competition?

  4. There is no General Lin in South Korea

  5. It should be said that this 1 is to pick up duck eggs

  6. In the era of net red, it is full of anger; Ke has gone far away, do not commit heavy responsibility.

  7. Affected by the epidemic, the state is not good? Is there no epidemic in South Korea?

  8. Reply
    User7759718045NeighborhoodBambooPavilion 11月 12, 2022 at 7:33 上午

    Absolutely cheating

  9. However, it is losing chess, insufficient chess power, no matter how explain, it is useless. Just one person enters the quarterfinals, and start up.

  10. Reply
    User7759718045NeighborhoodBambooPavilion 11月 12, 2022 at 7:33 上午

    Chess chess is conspicuous

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