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Gaunt retirement!The biggest joke of the national football team is 200 million white flowers

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Before the age of 31, the Super League player Gaunt acknowledged that he was going through the formalities of restoring Brazilian nationality.

Gaunt was promoted at the end of last month to the end of 2023.In order not to occupy the team’s foreign aid quota, Gaunt is already going through the formalities of restoring Brazilian nationality.

At the press conference, Gaunt said: “I have to ask how this is going on, and I am optimistic about the prospect of restoring Brazilian nationality. This matter is dealt with.”

In January 2015, Garat transferred from Cruselo to the Super League Evergrande in January 2015.He returned to Barga in 2019 and joined Parmelas in the form of lease.Gaunt, who had thought that the contract was about to expire, would return to Batuga with freedom. I did not expect that the Gaunt, which had a significant decline and seriously injured because of catching up with the “home tide”.New contract with double salary.Garat also said in an interview that the contract issued by Evergrande could not be rejected.It is understood that his annual salary in the last two years of Guangzhou Evergrande reached 107 million yuan, and he earned 200 million yuan in Boss Xu in two years.

At the end of 2019, Gaunt admitted that he had completed his citizenship. At that time, he also expressed his hope to help the National Football Team to enter the 2022 World Cup.As a result, Gaurat did not meet the conditions of “living in China for five consecutive years in China” because he was leased to Parmeras, and eventually failed to obtain qualifications for the National Football Team.

What about Exsson, Alan, and Luo Guofu have also appeared for the national football team. Fisan Duo has also been selected. Gaurat can be said to be the biggest joke of the national football. If you do n’t study good rules, you will crazy money.

During the efficiency of Guangzhou Evergrande, Gaunt had made a lot of money.Because of the club’s fiscal problems, Gaunt leaving the team like other naturalized players in advance.

After leaving China, Gaunt has been destined to be unable to fight for the national football team, so it doesn’t make sense to retain Chinese nationality.From citizenship to retirement, Gaunt took only 3 years.

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