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Gao Baozheng won only 2 points from LPGA Hall of Fame within a day.


Gao Baoyu

On November 21, Beijing time, this Sunday, Gao Baozhen won more. Because she won the CME tour championship, she won the highest championship prize in the history of women’s golf history. At the same time, she also won the LPGA Best Player Award.

Gao Baozhen defeated Irish player Leona Maguire in the last round. On the 16th, she pushed the 7 -foot bird push to obtain control. In the last round, she scored 70 shots, which was 2 shots below the standard pole to achieve two victory.

In the strong wind, Gao Bao remained motionless. When she pushed the ball at the last hole of the Debron Golf Club, she wiped out her tears.

“There are many things to fight today,” Gao Baozhen said, “I really want to play the best golf I can play. I know this is a difficult battle, especially when the game conditions are so difficult.”

After receiving $ 2 million, Gao Baozhen’s prize this season exceeded $ 4.3 million, and its total revenue was only 591 US dollars less than 591 US dollars set by Lorena Ochoa in 2007.

Gao Baozheng won the LPGA Best Player Award of the Year based on points for the second time, and won the minimum average award for the second year in a row: Weier Award.

The Best Player Award and the Verle Award of the Year are worth 1 point. In addition to this victory, Gao Baozhang’s LPGA Celebrity Hall has accumulated to 25 points, which is only 27 points in the required 27 points.

Gao Baozhang’s four -wheeled score was 271, which was 17 below the standard pole. This is the second time she won LPGA. In 2014, she won the CME Tour Championship for the first time at the age of 17, but at that time, she was already a female golf player.

Gao Baozheng is at the edge of the LPGA Hall of Fame at the age of 25, which shows how good she has been long for a long time.

“I am very glad that I can be updated in 2014 that I wore glasses to win,” Gao Baozhen said.

After the year, New Zealand players have achieved three victories. This is the first time she has won one game since 2016, and she has entered the top five again nine times.

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