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Gao Baozhen Steads LPGA’s final battle: Playing freely on weekends


Gao Baoyu

On November 19th, Beijing time, after the 18 LPGA champion Gao Baozheng played 65 shots in the first round, this round handed over 66 babies, 6 shots below the standard pole. Lead.

Her two rods were 131 (-13) was her personal lowest pole since the start of the Scottish women in July. In the Dunnadlinke’s game, she surrendered 130 shots, which was eventually tied in fifth.

In the past two days, Gao Baozheng only missed a fairway. After the first five holes continuously Bao Pa, she caught the bird in the No. 6 and No. 7 cave and started this round. She caught 4 birds in the post -Jiu Dong, and the last hole encountered an unfortunate hole in the cave, gained the 27th six -character head in the 35 rounds of the past 35 rounds.

“I really maintain patience today. Obviously, I did n’t bother to swallow cypress in the first hole. Compared with yesterday, it was a better start,” Gao Baozhen said. “But the wind direction is similar and the strength is similar. It will be difficult. But at the same time, I played very solidly in the post -nine cave. I know that if I made some mistakes, there are still some balls that can catch birds. “

This is Gao Baozhang’s 11th lead on LPGA. She won 4 times before, including winning the Gabridge LPGA race in February this year.

If Gao Baozheng won, she will win the second best player award, the second Well award in a row, and reward the $ 2 million championship check at the same time. But she said that the rest of the two rounds should work hard to play freely.

“My goal this week is to prevent a certain hole, a certain pole irritate me. This is the last event of the season and the ninth year of my tour. Therefore, I hope to end the season well. I hope to end without regret. “Gao Baozhen said,” You know, I want to play freely here. I think this is a key point for me. “

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