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Gansu County -level team eliminated Beijing Guoan: Pingliang Sports Bureau issued congratulatory electricity

On November 17th, the second round of the Chinese Football Association Cup, the Chinese Champions League team Ganchuan Wenhui team eliminated the Chinese Super League team Beijing Guoan and attracted widespread attention from netizens.On November 19th, the Pingliang Sports Bureau sent a congratulatory message.

He Dian said that Wenhui Wenhui has won honors for Gansu Province and Pingliang City, competing for light and adding color.The team fully carried forward the spirit of unity, hard work, not afraid of strong players, and fighting for the victory, creating the excellent results of Pingliang’s football, and loading the history of Pingliang Sports.

He Power also stated that the Wenhui Team of Xichuan has become an important business card for promoting Gansu, propagating Pingliang, and promoting Xichuan, showing the good spiritual style and superb competition of Pingliang athletes in the new era, and wishing the club to continue to achieve new achievements.

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  1. Take it and take it, which can attract greater attention, just like the Football Cup. Although the chicken ribs, it is well -talked about almost every year. Lai Cong …

  2. Give some rewards.

  3. The people of Shaanxi sent a congratulatory message

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    Findalovethatloveslove.HappyFairy 11月 20, 2022 at 2:37 上午

    The predecessor of Guangxi Beihai

  5. A victory made Guoan blowing for more than 20 years, and finally you could shut up.

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    Stayawayfromthelaboriousinterpersonalrelationship 11月 20, 2022 at 2:37 上午

    Without foreign aid, all Chinese teams are at the same level.

  7. A line of words on the background board: “Beijing Guoan, always compete first”

  8. I really let me know that Xichuan is Gansu

  9. There is no need to shake in a game!

  10. How much thanks to Liang Shaowen is true

  11. I want to upgrade the player to raise a salary and increase the salary.

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