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Fucai Tie powder 9+2 duplex dual -color ball 8.24 million winning and winning work

On the evening of November 15th, the Chinese Welfare Lottery Two -color Ball Games played the 2022131 Lottery. This is the seventh time the two -color ball 1.2 billion yuan prize award this year. In the current period, the two -color ball red ball number is 03, 05, 10, 13, 19, 29, and the blue ball number is 06. Jilin Province Xizhong 2 Betting First Prize and 1 Prize Special Award.

The winning lottery station is: the Rural Credit Cooperative of the Kuaocao Town of Tonghua City, the first prize of the first prize, the first prize of the first prize, the second prize and other awards of the first prize, the first prize of the first prize, the first prize of the first prize, the first prize of the first prize, the first prize. The bonus is more than 8.24 million yuan.

Vanke Yangpu Garden No. 4, No. 4, Erdao District, Erdao District, Changchun City, No. 22011202 Betting Station No. 22011202 is a first prize for the first prize, with a total bonus of more than 5.87 million yuan!

On the afternoon of November 16th, Tonghua City won the prize to the Jilin Provincial Fucai Center to win the award! The winning lottery, Mr. Zhao (Hua surname) shared his own lottery experience and the excitement when he learned the winning!

Repeat, like dreaming!

Mr. Zhao said that he is the old lottery of the welfare lottery. He bought it almost in the period. Recently, I heard that the two -color ball was 1.2 billion yuan award. After learning the rules of the prize, then selected a set of duplex two -color balls according to his preferences. Betting. After the lottery that night, I had nothing to take out the lottery ticket to check it out. I found that all of them were right. I didn’t believe it like dreaming! So I sought the owner of the lottery station through WeChat and repeatedly checked with the family before confirming the winning prize! At that time, the family was stunned, and the total winning award won more than 8.24 million yuan!

Winning the prize to go to work for two mistakes

Winning the prize! I still have to go to work!

Mr. Liu said that he and his lover are ordinary office workers. Although the prize is won, the class still has to be planned, and the bonus will be planned reasonably. The children in the family are still small. The pen bonus can reduce most of the pressure on the couple!

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