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Fucai 3D No. 2022329 Niu Devil King Middle Award Poem

Issue 329: Large is good, small and small ()

Issue 328: The breeze of the six dynasties, the weak red three thousand feet (930)

Issue 327: Prairie running horses, tigers catch chicken (358)

Issue 326: Ask God to ask tonight, good code sheep is called Daokai (954)

Issue 325: Do not leave the three and four, the double union is a single single (853)

Issue 324: Dragon line is coming, and the left and right are lined up (408)

Issue 323: joy, sorrow and sorrow, do not return home today (331)

Issue 322: Qianjin will not go, the visitors will increase (900)

Issue 321: Winter does not bloom, where is the beauty of Xiao (304)

Issue 320: Gold is available everywhere, June lotus blooms (409)

Issue 319: Xiucai Test the champion, and now go to Chaotang (221)

Issue 318: Liangchen Festival Day, when you return to the beautiful scene (370)

Issue 317: Master as the owner, walk out of the champion (775)

Issue 316: Forgot to forget life and death, loyal to live a lifetime (742)

Issue 315: Beauty companion general, Shuangxiao Dragon Tiger Kai (894)

Issue 314: Tiger Twenty -seventh, Eight Eighth Curvi Six Kailang (714)

Issue 313: Nine stars have beads, dare not stop at a moment (942)

Issue 312: Wicked and wicked, Qiqi and Qiqi Kaishi (527)

Issue 311: There is righteousness in the lunar month, and the fame is happy (923)

Issue 310: One river in the north and south, open on both sides of the mountain (911)

Issue 309: The wealth of the left and right pictures, Shanluma is difficult to open (220)

Issue 308: The golden gun head is empty, and Qinlou is open everywhere (087)

Issue 307: Sanshi Xia Guangfei, Dragon and Phoenix opened (762)

Issue 306: Thirty -no love language, mouse hole killing (188)

Issue 305: Grasson is good, and the wind and rain report auspicious (315)

Issue 304: Crooked wind and evil, and two injections in a lifetime (767)

Issue 303: A knife in the rivers and lakes, the nineteenth and five -year -old emperor’s seat (319)

Issue 302: Linglong Tibetan sludge, Kwal Okan City Kaikai (754)

Issue 301: Xiucai test champion, zodiac chicken puppet dog opening (182)

Issue 300: Golden Autumn Fragrance Garden, warm open in the four seasons (292)

Issue 299: Wolf must not be wolf in the past, ride Xuanwu Kai today (411)

Issue 298: Get inch and enter the ruler, the zodiac tiger calls Wang Kai (777)

Issue 297: Spring and autumn will not bloom, this issue will be in the middle of this issue (315)

Issue 296: Two lines in Jinmuzhong, six beasts guess a guess (305)

Issue 295: Wear cotton clothes in the four seasons, dogs bone bone open (184)

Issue 294: The eagle dog took advantage of the opportunity, and the Yueqi was lost (628)

Issue 293: Chicken and Horse are in peace, there is a search for 17 (072)

Issue 292: Jiao Lao takes a windy moon, invited to open the two or eight phases (428)

Issue 291: Iron Tree Gold and Silver Flower, Longfeng Kai Taiping Kai (870)

Issue 290: Good Han died in the battlefield, Hound Hound Mountain was funeral (299)

Issue 289: Red and blue code, mystery is opened in it (157)

Issue 288: Good horses three or seven, Zhongbao heard it (358)

Issue 287: Nanke is Da Mei, Emperor Emperor Sanjiangkou opened (512)

Issue 286: Qianwang out of the rivers and lakes, plum blossom three characters (452)

Issue 285: Nine stars and one consecutive days, empty door now babies (229)

Issue 284: Dragon and Tiger struggle with each other, snake rats are different (230)

Issue 283: Golden Flower 22, send you into the giants (139)

Issue 282: Nineteenth Five -Year Thrin, Baying Heaven and Earth Open (578)

Issue 281: Looking back at 17th, five or six beads run away (622)

Issue 280: Ziwu two disagreements, the sixth row of mystery (139)

Issue 279: The zodiac is the first, the great sacred Tang Seng Kai (514)

Issue 278: Lao Niu pulls the car, Qiu Yu is sorrowful to kill (128)

Issue 277: New Matthew in the day, running the horse running circle (008)

Issue 276: Running Mustang Grassland, the crow and dead tree fly away (309)

Issue 275: The heavens and the earth are stormy, and there is a righteousness in the world (020)

Issue 274: Carp becomes a dragon, I am Wang Kai (867)

Issue 273: To be a person to be bigger, only for the official (911)

Issue 272: A big dark horse, encounter a black leopard in the middle of the night (531)

Issue 271: On the seventh day of July, Jiuxing Lianzhu opened (500)

Issue 270: Double sword formed a ring, ninety -nine cannot be opened (889)

Issue 269: Xianxian in Longmen Mountain, open upstream of Wangjiang Pavilion (643)

Issue 268: Thirty miles of swords, Qingtian See Liquor (037)

Issue 267: Rulai Wuzhishan, monkeys can’t see it (738)

Issue 266: A row of intoxicated songs, acacia is sorrowful (410)

Issue 265: Goldfish Yue Dragon Gate, Unicorn Dragon King (909)

Issue 264: Golden Buddha is compassionate, and peach blossoms are red (533)

Issue 263: Chang’e Moon Palace Prisoner, Houyi shot on the nineth day (289)

Issue 262: Guan Gong played a big knife, Zhang Fei spear came to open (764)

Issue 261: The back of the rivers and lakes, Qingshan does not forget (838)

Issue 260: It was shocked overnight, and the teenager opened it (280)

Issue 259: A flower in the rivers and lakes, Qi Jing Baiyun Tower (696)

Issue 258: Seven Stars Lian Beidou, Tianmen opened for thousands of years (444)

Issue 257: A golden armor, send you into Qingyun Kai (092)

Issue 256: Winter Winter Day, Tortic Cotton Cotton (070) 255 Issue: Each of the landscapes, the heavens and the earth are open (099)

Issue 254: The lover is not connected, and each party is opened (356)

Issue 253: Good scenery at four o’clock, the golden autumn closed season (327)

Issue 252: 19981, Tang Seng True True Economy (986)

Issue 251: A knife of the rivers and lakes, three or five divisions and two opens (883)

Issue 249: Emperor Shang Gao is far away, and the officials are overlording (285)

Issue 248: Hold the mountain ax, I split the sky (197)

Issue 247: One day after day, calling every day (338)

Issue 246: The world is never changing, and the dream day does not open (222)

Issue 245: a puppet in the Yellow River, turning the mountain into Jinlongkai (060)

Issue 244: Move the mountain king’s house, repair the bridge Lu Dong Xiankai (492)

Issue 243: Nine or Five -Five days of the sky, open nights (638)

Issue 242: Tianjia Huangquan Road, Ziyue Kaishi (327)

Issue 241: Golden Jiu Maple Leaf Red, Gold Sprinkle everywhere (724)

Issue 240: Four days and three days.

Issue 239: Three -foot Longquan Sword, a giant door sword (109)

Issue 238: Carp Yue Dragon Gate, Crow becomes a Phoenix (131)

Issue 237: Forty -nine flowers, open on earth (691)

Issue 236: Dog meat is rolling three rolls, and the fairy station is unstable (336)

Issue 235: Dragon Tiger Mountain Wind, Pingyang River Water Open (625)

Issue 234: Qinglong sitting again, Baihu again slaughter (188)

Issue 233: waves of waves, sitting at home every day (973)

Issue 232: Golden Autumn Fruit is fulfilled, and every harvest of every family (975)

Issue 231: Thirty -six sky high, Eighteen Eighteen Eighteen Reinstaclation (444)

Issue 230: Eleven weighs, open eyes to see the number of days (660)

Issue 229: Lone Wolf Xiaoming Moon, Jinwu La Shiyang (960)

Issue 228: Jinlong’s real body changes, the void white bone opens (640)

Issue 227: Qingshan Yuan is not old, green water is worry -free (654)

Issue 226: The autumn wind is cool in August, the golden fragrance garden is open (426)

Issue 225: Seven 7 Forty -nine, Wine and Meat Fragrant Garden (410)

Issue 224: The heavens and the earth are not connected.

Issue 223: Dapeng flies, and go straight to Qingyun to open (230)

Issue 222: Boxing Demon Demon King, Burning Spider Essence (893)

Issue 221: Spring all year round, ecstasy red moon opening (733)

Issue 220: Dapeng’s wings fly, and Emperor Tiangao is far away (006)

Issue 219: Start a dog, go away with a master (792)

Issue 218: Ninth Five -Year Plan, Chaos World (117)

Issue 217: Oriental Sun Red, Western Golden Black Falling (069)

Issue 216: The word rivers and lakes is excellent, eating, drinking and gambling opens (765)

Issue 215: A good time, live up to Tianzhi Kai (146)

Issue 214: Blossoms and flowers, no one is young (282)

Issue 213: Jinyang Zhao 10,000 mile

Issue 212: The sun is shining on the earth, Wuyun is thunderstorm with thunderstorm (560)

Issue 211: A Jinlan blossom, the three life forgotten the love stone (131)

Issue 210: It is cool in autumn, and the fragrance is full of flowers (392)

Issue 209: A bile, half banknotes to open (167)

Issue 208: Golden Silk in the cage, I don’t know it for half a day (408)

Issue 207: Both ends are prestigious, there is a head opening in the middle (097)

Issue 206: Two friends in three cups, can not reliable to open (290)

Issue 205: Dragon Snake Mountain Top, the Yin and Yang opening of the heavens and the earth (936)

Issue 204: One country and one style, retro without leaving people (525)

Issue 203: Three or four are connected, and even the horizontal discontinued (151)

Issue 202: Ten years like one day, ninety -nine open doors opened (652)

Issue 201: Fanghua’s moment, the white head on earth is now open (578)

200 issues: The monk over the wall, the nun opened the door half (797)

Issue 199: Nine -nine daughters red, drunk tens of millions of houses (508)

Issue 198: A Jiazi in the mountains, opened 9,000 years (611)

Issue 197: One -day tour of the rivers and lakes, free tattoos (565)

Issue 196: Matching the Zi Zi, it is time to get a big fortune (603)

Issue 195: Peach blossoms are opened on both sides, and Hongyun comes to open (660)

Issue 194: Golden Autumn Guotan Garden, six -six happy harvest (689)

Issue 193: A Dream of Acacia, where is the beauty of the beauty (729)

Issue 192: Running Mustang Grassland, picked on the pheasant (083)

Issue 191: Jiuhua Jiuli Nine Colors, Solid Respecting Wanli Peak (141)

190: One grass and one tree flower, the flowers bloom in the world (181)

Issue 189: Tens of thousands of miles of sea depth, Tian Gao can’t see it (619) 188: Double king out of the rivers and lakes, the only daughter playing with a flying sword (677)

Issue 187: After the two kings with two, Jiangshan take turns to open (502)

Issue 186: July stormy, warm and cold (685)

Issue 185: September of the next year, the opening of the fortune (851)

Issue 184: Life is not relieved, cattle and horses are accompanied by life (485)

Issue 183: The general did not know the soldiers, Wenchen killed 10,000 people (515)

Issue 182: The landscape does not leave the name, a thousand miles open (351)

Issue 181: Rivers and lakes drift on the water, a throat sword opened (872)

Issue 180: The fire tree blooms silver flowers, and there is a sequence of the heavens and the earth (503)

Issue 179: Specialized in April, Nineteen Chong Blue Blue (699)

Issue 178: Treasure Lang, Little Tyrannosaurus (387)

Issue 177: General Battle Temple, Wenchen Bo Jianghu Kai (602)

Issue 176: Monkey fishing the moon, like a dream as electricity (747)

Issue 175: The general guards the door, and Qier is on Mingtang (737)

Issue 174: Seven swords down Tianshan, Ice and snow do not open (732)

Issue 173: There are three joy in life, and the cave house is open at night (557)

Issue 172: Xiucai meets the soldie

Issue 171: Huangliang Better Dream, Golden Jia through the clouds (341)

Issue 170: March 8 Red Golden Day, Erjiu Ran Silver Yuekai (635)

Issue 169: The general defeated, and the prince opened the prince (719)

Issue 168: On each side of the landscape, the heavens and the earth are not connected (203)

Issue 167: A golden armor, Step into the Nine -Five Five (783)

Issue 166: Houyi shoots Jinwu, Jade Rabbit picks osmanthus blooming (487)

Issue 165: Lao Tree has new buds, Xiong Yan’s wings fly away (708)

Issue 164: a peach blossom bloom, the garden is full of white snow (105)

Issue 163: Red apricot comes out of the wall, and the old tree has new buds (532)

Issue 162: Heaven and earth are ghosts, and the names and reading are open (864)

Issue 161: Golden Rooster Snake Dance, one or four is not connected (772)

Issue 160: pheasant will not fly, monkeys are driving the moon (949)

Issue 159: Youlong opera pheasant, soil pig shocking tiger’s body (021)

Issue 158: Roar on Tiger Mountains, Monkey Water Tour (958)

Issue 157: Son of Jiao Nu Tian, Kaishi of the Tiger Tiger (429)

Issue 156: Golden Rooster showed coquettish, and the strong men stayed (247)

Issue 155: The good number is seven or eight, Feitengyun Zhong Xiakai (536)

Issue 154: Fate good feng shui, only work to open it (234)

Issue 153: Turtle with Wang Eight, Ugly Woman Most Black (808)

Issue 152: Jiangshan is so delicate, nineteenth and fifth -to -day ladder opened (577)

Issue 151: Shifang to assist, Sanliu Seek True Meridian (443)

Issue 150: Do not open the door behind closed doors, cultivation into a immortal (630)

Issue 149: Watch the tiger fighting in the mountains, monkeys dominate the bully (027)

Issue 148: Lazy people want to dream, make a lot of money on six or six (775)

Issue 147: Three meals enjoy more, bodies of body fertilizer (869)

Issue 146: red, yellow, blue, black and black, five -color fixed color opening (848)

Issue 145: Black Half’s screaming, two tigers different mountains (150)

Issue 144: Think about it the most, where is the earth branch opened (060)

Issue 143: It is most convenient to have gold.

Issue 142: True and false people’s eyes, but buying a cricket is still beaded (883)

Issue 141: Old horses cross the river, and the strong men show their names (505)

Issue 140: Tiger does not go down the mountain, Jinlong You Shentan Kai (323)

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