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Fu Bo: Creating opportunities but not grasping 2 Quanzhou teenagers have potential.

After the 26th round of the Super League lost to the Shenzhen team, Fu Bo, the technical director of Guangzhou team, attended the press conference.

The Fu Bo season summed up the competition: “The three -pointer of the relegation is indeed very challenging to the future competition. Of course, from the perspective of our team, although our team is backward Playing, and the game showed a lot of very good content before, creating some good scoring opportunities, really did not catch it. If it is scored, it may be better. The growth in the case is also very good. We will also admit it, but we will continue to fight. “

Speaking of the performance of two players in Fujian Quanzhou, Fu Bo said: “Both players are very young, and they are smaller in our team. They are also children who have grown up for so many years. Show himself in front of his hometown father, and the other training performance is also very good, so it can be seen in the game, whether the length of time is very stable and very potential. I hope that their future training will allow us to create more to them to create them more creation. Opportunities to make them grow faster. “

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  1. Xiang Linyu did not accidentally appear

  2. Did the seaport let the team have no foreign aid?I ca n’t shout twice when I ca n’t kick the overtaking when I play in the eight foreign aid?

  3. Every time I have a general rape to deal with, the head coach

  4. Who has no foreign aid Harbor?[Baiyan]

  5. Quanzhou, the most powerful in the Song Dynasty

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