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From the last seed to the number one seed, Zhao Yanhan’s Volvo Youth Bi Dong race

Many people say that she looks like Lin Xizhen, and many people joked that she was “the second child”. Many people did not know: Zhao Yanhan lived for 15 years, standing on the golf court, and participating in Volvo’s national youth than the cave championship itself.story.A story that starts to be heavy, but the result is very sweet …

On April 12, 2007, Zhao Yanhan was born in Zhengzhou, Henan Province.Her mother Li Ning was extremely impressed by this day, because her daughter came to the world that she was more worried and fearful, not joy and joy.

The child is a cesarean section. After birth, he was sent to the intensive care unit immediately. When Li Ning went to visit his daughter, the first discussion he heard was a heavy choice question.The family had twins, but the doctor asked them to choose who to protect.Only one child can survive.

Not long after, the Hanyu family must do a more cruel choice question.In the face of Zhao Yanhan, who suffers from neonatal hypoxia ischemia, and weighs only 3 pounds, if she does not unplug the oxygen pipe, she must be prepared for psychological preparation. She may be sick in her life, and even mental intelligence may have problems.

“I called her Grandpa. Her grandfather said, whether she is cerebral palsy or other diseases in the future, we must keep her,” Li Ning said.

The price of this decision is heavy, not only in medicine, treatment, but also the energy of input and the hard work of flowers.Zhao Yanhan lived in the intensive care unit for 45 days.When she is three years old, there is still water in the brain, and there may be serious consequences if they are not careful.At that time, Zhao Yanhan’s body was quite fragile, and the indicators in all aspects were worse than their peers.In fact, before Zhao Yanhan went to elementary school, their family had to take her to the hospital for recovery.

Obviously, Zhao Yanhan, who is standing in front of you now, is two people who are talking to the mother’s mouth.She is 173 cm tall and weighs 65 kg, which is definitely the figure of a sports athlete.In addition, her logical thinking is clear, and she has ideals and thoughts, which is stronger than a 15 -year -old child.

For example, when talking about his origin with the Volvo National Youth Championship, Zhao Yanhan easily brought the slogan of “inheritance of the new life, Woyong followed”.She said that in 2019, she was described as “new” in the first participation in Volvo Youth Bido Cave Championships, because she ranked 11th in the challenge and could not be promoted to the Endong match, but because of the chance, she later entered.As the last seed, she was very lucky to match the number one seed and learned a lot.When she participated in the second time last year, it was already No. 8 seeds.For the third time this year, Zhao Yanhan was the top seed of the women’s group.In the past three years, Volvo’s national youth is better than the growth of her growth.Zhao Yanhan believes that as long as the Volvo Youth National Youth Better Championship will continue, she will always participate, that is, “Wo (I) will always follow.”

Speaking of golf, Li Ning is grateful for this sport to bring everything to their family. Although she can’t tell the connection behind it, she feels that since her daughter started learning golf at the ageNow she has no fear of more than ten years ago.

They won’t think how long they can live, and there will be any shortcomings, but they will think of what ways she will go to and what kind of people she will do in the future.

You must be a kind person, honest person.This was fully reflected in a game.In the second round of the competition, Zhao Yanhan reversed the number of poles of the two holes. Although the total number of poles was not wrong, she would be disqualified according to the golf rules.

What happened happened, Zhao Yanhan first discussed with her mother, and her mother clearly told her that the rules were a red line that could not be touched. In the end, Zhao Yanhan cried and called the event organizing committee, reported himself, and canceled the qualifications of herself.Essence

At this moment, Li Ning’s attitude is very different from usual.In the usual competition, no matter how unsatisfactory Zhao Yanhan’s performance, including a big collapse, he passed by many times with the championship.! Because Li Ning knew that her performance was not good, her daughter was more uncomfortable than her. She was a very strong girl. Needless to say, she would double hard next time.

“Once, she saw (Feng) Shanshan and (Lin) Xiyi participated in the Olympic photos on behalf of the country. She pointed to me:” Mom, one day I will stand there. ‘”Li Ning said, said,”I said, I look forward to your highlight moment, I look forward to you hitting LPGA, standing on the international stage in the national flag, and succeed.”


Zhao Yanhan and mother Li Ning

Looking back, Zhao Yanhan was sentenced to unable to survive by the doctor from the beginning. He went to the family to work together and moved forward. Now, he is healthy and happy in his heart.That’s a biggest success than any trophy!

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