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French Denmark may be staged in the defensive war Gaul Rooster at most?


French unveiling battle victory over Australia

At 00:00 on November 27th, Beijing time, France will usher in the second opponent Denmark in the group stage. According to the current odds given by the lottery, the defending champion has not received a lot of winning streak.

In the first round, France scored 4 goals in the case of 1 goal and reversed Australia in 4 goals to play a good start for their defending journey. From the perspective of the opening battle, although the absolute main force of Benzema, Pogba, and Kanter failed to go on the team, French personnel reserves can completely respond to these crises. In the competition with Australia, the coach Dechang discharged the 4-2-3-1 formation. Before the Girrory, Dembele, Griezmann, and Mbappei formed an attack group. Double back, I believe that such deployment will also be used in the next game. The probability of changes occurred in the rear defense line. The accidental injury of Lucas-Elnands has bid farewell to the World Cup in advance. Laine has confirmed that it can be played in Denmark, which is quite good for France.

The opponent’s first game with Tunisia said that the team’s goal was over 60 %, and the team hit the goal frame 5 times, but unfortunately failed to score the goal. In this campaign, Denmark coach Yulman excreted the 3-5-2 formation. Xiaosanme Chel, Kia, Chris Tengsen, Eriksson and other players who played for the five major leagues all played and scored 3 points of intention to score 3 points. very obvious. It is foreseeable that Denmark’s failure to win will have a certain impact on its qualifying situation.


Lottery data

In this game, Cai Cai officially gave a combination of 1.66 (win) 3.26 (square) 4.35 (negative). In the score data, the odds of 1-0 victory in France were 1 loss of 5.75, and the odds of 2-0 and 2-1 were the same as 1 loss. The odds of 1-1 and 0-0 were 6. With 9.5, the other scores exceeded 1 loss of 10.

It can be seen that the defending champion group’s outspoint of the champion group seems to be difficult to fulfill in France. As long as the victory is won, they are basically locked and qualified, and their lineup intensity is also trusted. But Denmark is by no means a spare person, and perhaps a draw is also a choice that both sides can accept.

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