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France recruits the World Cup with 25 people: Will not recruit players to replace Benzema

On Saturday, the French Football Association announced that Benzema withdrew from the World Cup due to injury, and Dezhang said that the French team would not call players to replace Benzema.

Recently, the French team has lost the two forwards of Enshaku and Benzema.

After Benzema withdrawn, the media speculated that Dechang might call Marshall to join the team, but Dezhang made it clear: “No (the player replaces Benzema).”

For the specific reasons, Dechang was unwilling to say more: “I have decided that, it’s that simple.”

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  1. Is it so confident in it

  2. I am afraid that the group will be suspicious when it comes to the group.Perfectly reflects the “noble” [sweat]

  3. in the bones of the Europeans, so since this is better to leave the stupid horse in the team

  4. I bet the French team to win the third place!

  5. Reply
    Su37TheUltimateLordGuard 11月 21, 2022 at 2:37 上午

    This guy will end get out of class after the World Cup

  6. should wait for stupid horses to return to healing

  7. Ghost guys.

  8. Pretend.

  9. Since there is a place, why waste it? You call an excellent teenager, even if he does not give him time, it is a great inspiration for him

  10. Leave Benzema directly!Intersection

  11. Waste the opportunity to feel the World Cup, or you can also give dreams without being selected.

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