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Former NBA Tanhuaxiu Boxing Security was arrested twice within one month

On November 6th, Beijing time, according to TMZ, the former NBA Tanhua Showee-Gordon was arrested for beating two McDonald’s security guards.

According to the police, the two security guards were ordered to leave McDonald’s, and then Gordon began to start, hitting a punch directly on one security guard’s face to knock the latter to the ground, and the other security guard was knocked down.

It is unclear why Gordon was forced to leave McDonald’s, but because of his two security guards, he was arrested by the police in the early morning and was accused of causing physical damage and creating physical contact.

It is worth mentioning that Gordon has just been arrested for hitting his son’s head with his fist with his fist. During the arrest, he was injured by two police officers due to refusal to arrest.

Ben Gordon is the NBA 2004 Exploration Huaxiu. He was elected NBA’s best sixth person in the rookie season.

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