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Former Jiangsu Foreign Aid Edel: I hope that Suning owed salary and don’t happen again in Inter again

On May 22, former Suning Foreign Aid Edel issued a post on his personal social media, expressing his hope that Suning would not arrears wages in Inter.

Edel wrote: “I hope our former Suning players can get the money they deserve. And I hope that the arrears of wages in the past will not happen again in Inter again, especially after winning the league champion. (Suning won the 2020 season Super ChampionshipAfter the team was dissolved, it owed a large number of players and staff salary when it was dissolved) “

Later, Edel said, “And they haven’t given us the opportunity to find the next family, which also allows us to lose the opportunity to work, so that more than 50 employees are at home, no salary and no explanation.Better impression. “

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