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Former Brazilian coach was robbed and was attacked by the robbers to lead the team in poor results

According to Brazilian media reports, the former Brazilian coach Titte has been robbed recently, and the robbers have also criticized him to lead the team in the World Cup.

According to reports, Titt left Rio de Janeiro’s home at 6 am that he was robbed by the robbers and snatched the necklace.In addition to stealing its finances, the robbers also criticized and complained about Titt’s coaching results, thinking that the team’s 1/4 final was absolutely unqualified.

For Titt, obvious psychological trauma is more serious than physical and financial losses.

The 61 -year -old Titt took over the Brazilian team in June 2016 and won the American Cup championship in 2019. The World Cup Brazil is a big hit, but they were eliminated by Croatia in the 1/4 final.

After Titt left his office, a number of Brazilian players publicly expressed his respect to him. Neymar said: “I want to publicly thank everything you do and thank you all the teachings. You will always be the most I have encountered the most.One of the coaches, whether it is the past or the future. “

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  1. The coach is also dedicated. The gangsters must be punished solemnly. In 1994, the Columbia player tragedy must be reflected!

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    LiDachangGuangxiBaiBai 12月 26, 2022 at 2:43 上午

    Before the other strong team encounters such an opponent Croatia, it is not lucky. Others borrow from your failure and successfully use good tactics.It also shows that he is a coach that is not too clever.Why does Mourinho always win the cup?In a word, the defense starts, and it is ugly to win the final victory.Strive not to lose the ball first.As long as you win.All criticisms are going.

  3. It was bad enough. Last year, the Americas Cup was also bad. Two key battles made neighbors

  4. Too happy [Laughing Cry] [Laughing Cry] [Laughing Cry]

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