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Former boxing king: Cristiano Ronaldo should take away everything

Tyson Fury, a famous boxer, believes that Ronaldo should be old.

Tyson Furi uses her own experience as an example to explain the problem: “2015, after I defeated Klinco, it was like climbing to Mount Everest. I am an undervalued person.And he has ruled for 11 years in this event, but I want to point out that this is not one person stronger than another, but a lot of natural factors, such as age. He was 38 years old and was going downhill. RegardlessWhether he is willing to admit it. “

As a fan of Manchester United, Tyson Furi talked about Cristiano Ronaldo’s situation: “If you look at Ronaldo, he is 37 years old, even if there is the best medical team or nursingist around him, his state is declining.Waiting for you, no matter how well you maintain, someone will always catch up with you; no matter who you are, you will take you away … “

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  1. Is it necessary to step on everything?This is a cure. Do you like your master?Such low quality will only embarrass your master.

  2. The typical performance of the snail powder can not be taken out.

  3. Are you watching the ball with fart?

  4. Except less time to play than your master, any performance on the field is stronger than you Dalang D Lang

  5. Treasure

  6. Self -righteousness

  7. Eat your instant noodles!

  8. Hiding is the thing that everyone shouted

  9. So Manchester United was fired, the end of the defeat of the fell famous

  10. I said no problem

  11. 蛆 蛆

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    resistantisGongmingRecently 12月 10, 2022 at 2:48 上午

    Luo powder is old and apply powder, old cucumber brush green, greenPaint -pretending to be tender

  13. It has nothing to do with whether Luo is old, and Elena had already said that Luo was not so powerful.

  14. Are you not also chasing stars [laughing]

  15. Do not make sense to the star chasing people. If they can understand the truth, they will still be the laughing chaser?

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