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For the first time, the woman’s selection of 5.22 million bonuses is used to support her parents

On the evening of November 13th, the two -color ball was awarded the 2022130 issue. This is also the 6th Phase 6 of the Double -color Ball 1. The 6th Phase 6 of the Paragraph.

The data shows that the first prize of the two bets in Henan Caimin’s fate was from 41157088 Fucai Betting Station in Luoshan County, Xinyang City. 41770206 Fucai Betting Station is a single 10 yuan votes with a prize of 5.22 million yuan.

After the award, in the case of strict compliance with the epidemic prevention and control regulations, Ms. Li (pseudonym) of the Zhoukou Double Color Ball Awards appeared. According to reports, Ms. Li is an old lottery, who insisted on buying a two -color ball for many years. “I have a habit, and I am also dedicating love and doing public welfare. Maybe I can still win a big prize.”

Ms. Li bluntly was surprised. Although she had bought a lot of bets for many years, she kept her normal betrayal. “I chose the number this time. What I didn’t expect was that I bought it once, and the good luck couldn’t stop it.” Ms. Li said that such good luck and surprises excited her.

Regarding the use of bonuses, Ms. Li stated at the award site that she planned to use half of the winning funds to support her parents and make her parents more comfortable and peaceful; the remaining funds were used to develop their own cause and improve the quality of life.

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