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Football Winter Window Standard King!Why is he worth 80 million euros?



Although the major giants seemed to be searching when they renewed their contract with the team players, when they were really at the time of smashing money, they still exposed their real family.

For example, Juventus.

On the 28th local time, Juventus officially announced that the Florence striker Flahovic officially joined Juventus. He left the Juventus 7 jersey and left 70 million euros for the old house. It can be activated after the future conditions are met.

Considering that there are few superstar transfer in winter windows, if there is no accident, Serbian star will become the benchmark king of the winter window in 2022.

In today’s football, data has gradually become the best bargaining chip on the transfer table.

In the first half of this season, Flahovich has scored 20 goals for Florence in 24 games, approaching the high efficiency of average per game, especially in the Serie A league. The goal level.

And Juventus, what is missing is the goal.

On the stand -up standings, Juventus is only ranked 5th, but their defensive data is actually pretty good. The level of 21 ball loss is second only to Inter Milan and Naples. It is offensive firepower.

34 goals are not only the worst of the first six of the Serie A, but also in the top 10 in the standings, and only the 10th goals ranked in the 10th place than them, even the 11th Both the 12th Sassolo and Emboli are more able to score than them.

Presumably it is to consider this that Juventus will hesitate on Dibara’s contract, and he throws a lot of money when introducing Flahovich.

The reason why Juventus’s offensive fire has deteriorated is actually very simple.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is the kind of player who can get goals in the penalty area. He rarely wastes opportunities. We have been missing such players this season.”

After the match against Udnes, Derricht interviewed after the game and talked about the offensive dilemma of the Juventus season. In his opinion, Ronaldo’s departure was obviously a major turning point.

Although Kielini, Bonucci, and Buffon who have left the team have all said that Cristiano Ronaldo’s joining made Juventus lose some teamism and more personal heroism, but the data is placed here here. Essence Cristiano Ronaldo can ensure that 30 goals can be guaranteed for them, and they guarantee a large number of victory; Cristiano Ronaldo leaves the team and 30 goals disappear. As Derricht said, everyone must take more responsibility.

Although Morata scored a lot, Dibara seemed to find the peak state of the past, even so, they could only help Juventus reaches the offensive level of the Serie A.

To make up for Ronaldo’s lack, Juventus must need more help, so they thought of Flahovich.

In fact, only 22 -year -old Serbian is a standard football star. In the summer of 2018, Florence brought him from Belgrade to Italy at a price of 1.9 million euros. When he first arrived, he even started his own steps from the Florence U19 team.

However, in the 2018-19 season, he completed his first show in Serie A, but the first goal of Serie A was not late until the second season.

Because of his first show, he thanked the coach Pioli for the opportunity to give him a young person and let him look like today. He would like to thank Plandley.

In November 2020, the former Italian national team coach took over Florence. Although he received the notice of get out of class after only 4 months, in a short time, he supported Flahovic as the main force and launched tactics around him. Flahovic’s left -footed ability.

This is also his most proud technical link:

With the support of data and performance, Plandley left office, Italiano took over, and the position of Flahovic’s main force did not change with the change of the coach.

And in the Italian tactical system, the maximum Flahovich’s shooting ability has become the top priority of the team’s tactics. The player does not let the coach’s tactical design become a bubble, so from another perspective, Fla Hovech’s performance is also inseparable from the team’s support.

As a striker with a height of 190cm, Flahovic’s fulcrum is not outstanding, and the ball protection and passing ball are slightly average. Therefore, he is similar to many young players now. With a good left -footed shooting ability, this season’s outstanding goal efficiency has naturally attracted the attention of many giants.

As a Serie A hegemony, Juventus, who lacks the goal firepower, naturally occupies the advantage of “near the water tower first”.

According to the characteristics of Flahovich, for a period of adaptation with the team tactics, he should be able to quickly harvest his goal in Juventus, and in the next season, you need to observe the league championship, but keep the Champions League seat. It should not be a problem.

The real suspense is actually in a strong dialogue.

Just like Harrand, which has similar characteristics, every time facing the giants, there will be a variety of reasons, the performance declines, a larger circle, but even the tactical effect of the center of the center will also have similar problems.

Faced with strong enemies, the opponent’s single -soldiers’ defensive ability is stronger, and naturally it will not give more space. This is a severe challenge for Flahovich, who needs space to show the impact.

At that time, the color of 80 million euros will be tested.Flahovich is a good player. This is undoubted, but as Italy said, in fact, he still needs to get more carved to become a truly excellent and able to be alone.

However, today’s Juventus obviously can’t wait, they need to fight against the top four, even the impact champion, but this is not good for Flahovic’s development.The team provides more functions.

Whether 80 million euros can be value depends on the team’s training.

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