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Football News: Welcome to the World Cup back to magic Asia!

Text/Wu Qiang on November 22, the Lusser Stadium witnessed the history of Saudi Arabia and even Asian football, the most amazing reversal; just 27 hours later, the Harry Stadium staged another “football riots” against Germany in Japan. Essence Twenty years later, when the World Cup came to Asia again, World Football felt the magic of this land again -and this time, it was a real magic that belongs to football.

After Messi and his teammates lost, he opened a long “self -criticism” meeting in the locker room, and then announced that the team has been painful. In the future, the two group stages will be Argentina’s “decisive battle”.

What about it? What do he think after he lost? The man who dreams of representing Germany to hold a cup again as a real coach, the man who has not “killed” his opponent, and the man who once led the team to Barcelona 8 to 2, realized whether this very different winter Asian Asia The World Cup is exposed to dangerous teeth?

Twenty years ago, Asia was a blessing to Germany.

Rudy Waller brought in Germany, which was not optimistic about before the game. In the first round of the group stage, Saudi Arabia was slaughtered at 8-0. Then rushed to the finals all the way. It was the last afterglow of the old German football, and the last cruelty of German football for Asian football.

Later in Germany, the update was replaced, absorbing more tactics, creating more beautiful players, one cycle in 12 years, entering the final and re -holding the cup. But so far, in the 20 years, in addition to winning Australia, which won the first time in Asia in South Africa, in South Africa, for the “indigenous” Asian team, Germany is generally gentle and added. Destroyed England, defeated Argentina 4-0, and 7 to 1 stabbing Brazil, but the recent six confrontations of the Asian team were only 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses.

The Russian World Cup lost 0-2 to South Korea to go out. The first World Cup in the first World Cup was reversed by Japan, it was painful, isn’t it? Where is the question?

In 20 years, it has crossed several generations. Kahn, who was struggling to resist 3R on the Asian finals, now watching 19 -year -old Musiala, representing Germany and moving on the court. Who will have the shadow in his eyes?

In the past 20 years, Germany has regained the world championship and can also launch the elves like Musiala, but it seems that they can no longer find a stadium such as Kahn, Efffberg, Matus, and Jemirez. Bone bones and “evil men”, perhaps, you can call them the so -called “German”.

In the discussion of the new school of German football, the lack of “German” is not difficult to talk about it. There is no need to talk about it here, but a consensus is that Frick is probably one of the most “German” coaches, and it is also the most suitable candidate to take over.

However, Frick’s World Cup first game was slapped by Sen Baoyi, causing all fans to break the glasses. This is better than the German Germany of Laop four years ago? Isn’t it the same?

▲ Asano Takuya’s previous interview in the Bundesliga was interviewed in the post -match interview because of “language differences”, “What is Frick, what is that?”

Harry is one of the most familiar Western Asian stadiums that Chinese fans. On the afternoon of the 23rd local time, the story there can be divided into two 45 minutes.

In the first 45 minutes, a group of Germans were intensive without losing elegance with a group of Japanese. The group of Japanese wearing blue clothes shrank in their halftime and fought to defense. It seemed that there was only the power of fighting and no resistance. The 30 -minute penalty was a good proof. The German’s left defender invaded the penalty area and obtained the penalty. Jingduo was done overnight. For 10 minutes, this group of Japanese people seemed to be in the wind, as if they would be blown out at any time, and the Germans jumped and danced in the blue line wearing flowers and butterflies.

For a moment, you can even feel that the Germans are copying the football method of Barcelona Dream III -technical knocking, which will suffocate and death.

But beauty cannot kill people after all. There is such a glimpse of the moving Germans who did not really knock the Japanese in these 45 minutes. They have only one goal. The Japanese position is like their goalkeeper Quan Tianxiu, and they are still firmly nailing. there.

At the beginning of the 45 -minute story, Mori was officially “played”. Although secretly. At least he replaced Jiu Baojianying with Fu’an Jianyang in the locker room, which did not attract the attention of Frick and German players. The Japanese added a central defender! Are they going to fight five backs? Perhaps with this kind of doubt, even a bit of “gloating” thoughts, there may be “a Klosa”. The Germans continue to perform, and German fans continue to watch the performance.

After just 10 minutes of 541, Sen Bao took another shot. He replaced a striker and a front guard with two forwards, and the formation returned to 4231. In the case of, the opponents in front of them suddenly changed.

The replacement of this large -scale personnel, in terms of rhythm, “rude” but “strongly” interrupted the inertia of the German competition. From the perspective, it also caused the strangeness and confusion of the German defense. Starting from this moment, the style of the game has changed sharply, and the Japanese began to stretch their formation flexiblely and began to continuously create counterattacks. A dangerous atmosphere began to diffuse from the court. When Frick was finally in the 66th minute, just when the replacement of Jingsan and Mueller, who was already weak, Mori Ri Yiyi showed his stunning shot -in Gretzka and Hoffman played only a few times. In minutes, even when he had not found the rhythm of the game, he sent Tang Anlu and Nango Takashi in three minutes in three minutes, and the withdrawal was the first -back defender Jiujing Hongshu and the back of the waist Tanaka.

While Mori Yiyi continued to be chaotic, Mori also showed his own teeth: dry!

In the face of Senbao’s two -and -one changes, and when the situation on the court mutations, how could Frick respond so slowly? Still routine? You can only understand that he appreciates too much about his attack combination, so that for Japan, he did not expect that there would be such a dangerous 30 minutes after the 78th minute. Roger, and did not make a defensive adjustment, which was not only his distrust of his Plan B, but also a distrust of the Japanese’s offensive ability.

In the final analysis, Frick was obsessed with the beautiful but lacking attack (lack of luck) in the first half of his team in the first half, and he did not really pay attention to Japan from his heart. Yeah, 7 people in Japan played for the Bundesliga. Called the German team and the two German teams, shouldn’t it be a hand?

Frick forgot that this is the home of Asia. The Japanese came to the game and even came to “fight”. The change in 20 years has made the Germans brisk and made Germany lose slowly. Many Asian teams have become better technology, richer tactics, and even because of their low posture, they can be desperate and desperate. This is the case to win Germany 4 years ago. This is the case of Saudi Arabia yesterday, and today’s Japan is still the same.

So, in Asia, you have to desperately! If Frick can think about it, although this German road is sinister, there is always hope. In the second game, they will face Spain, which starts with 7 goals in the start -no longer fight, but it is really dead …

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