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Football News: League New Year-end New Year -2023 temporary or 2024 opening

Reporter Chen Yong reports that the Chinese Football Professional League currently faces many problems. The main two problems. The first problem is to solve the problem of arrears of wages, including historical arrears of salary and Super League access, and corresponding club equity reforms; and the second oneThe problem is whether to launch the league New Year.

The AFC has restructured the AFC Champions League and changed to the New Year’s Eve system consistent with the UEFA Champions League. The event was officially launched in August 2023. The end of the end is in May 2024.As for the professional league in Asian countries, most of Western Asia adopt the New Year’s Eve system, and East Asia’s China, Japan and South Korea currently adopt a single -year competition system. However, there are currently news that Japan also intends to adopt the New Year’s Eve.

In fact, the relevant league New Year’s Eve system had relevant motion in early 2022, because at that time, the AFC had stated that it would start the AFC New Year’s Eve.It is a preliminary idea and suggestion that it has not been included in the final discussion scope in the 2022 season.

At the end of 2022, the motion of the league’s New Year’s Eve was mentioned again. However, this proposal did not enter the final decision -making stage. Previously, it was more about understanding the opinions of all parties.Big.Considering this factor, this plan has been basically determined to be delayed, that is, the Chinese Football Professional League in the 2023 season still maintains the current competition system. In 2024, the Super League is expected to formally New Year’s Eve, that is, next year’s Chinese Football Professional LeagueChange to 2024/2025.

There are many reasons for the implementation of the league New Year’s Eve, one of which is the AFC League system, including integration with the European Football League system. This integration means more convenient in terms of recruitment, choosing handsome, and staying abroad. This is also where the trend liesIt is imperative, but it is just a matter of time. Second, the Chinese Football Professional League Multi -Furniture Faculty faces the task of equity reform, including the further tightening and review of the league access, which may take a certain time;After three years of closedness, national teams at all levels, especially the national team, the Asian Games national team, and the U22 national team facing more winter training and abroad.

However, immediately launching the league New Year’s Eve also faces certain problems, mainly because the preparation of each club, such as player contract issues, which means that the league New Year’s Eve needs to be finalized before the transfer period.The difficulty of finalizing the New Year’s Eve is very difficult.In addition, another problem in the league New Year’s Eve is the issue of winter competitions in the northern region, especially in the Northeast region. Although this problem always exists, it has more time, and the corresponding preparations can be better.

Taken together, in 2023, the New Year’s Eve system is basically determined that it will not be implemented immediately. After the preparation period of 2023, it is relatively easy to implement the league New Year in the 2024 season.

As for the time of the 2023 season league, there are currently many candidates for time. One is mid -late April, and the other is May. Of course, if it is determined to be 34 rounds, this will also bring about the tension of the game day.EssenceAs for the competition system, it is naturally returning to the main and away game system.In addition, the U23 policy is basically determined to cancel, but the league registration list will continue to retain places related to young players.

At present, the top priority of the Chinese Super League is to resolve historical wages and access reviews in the 2023 season. Two key points for access review are whether the 2022 season is arrears and echelon construction.

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  1. I think I should withdraw from the AFC, FIFA, just do the league. Anyway, it is shameful to go out.]|| From the long run, they lost their rice bowls at the age of 30. Will anyone be willing to engage in this job in the future?Competition should look at the economic level and not be able to look at age.

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    Xiaoguang-------users6641039187 1月 7, 2023 at 2:37 上午

    The number of players over 30 years of age should be limited!

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