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Football lottery!1 loss 13 big cold play!It’s really coming!


AC Milan Tong lost good bureau in helplessness to tie Rome

Last weekend, no matter whether it was the country’s cup or mainstream league battle last weekend, many of the traditional strong teams in the league in various countries revealed that it was unpopular. After the World Cup, the influence of the FIFA virus on each team gradually appeared.It is not easy to get a point in a flat or thrilling point, and even the situation where the groove turns over.From the morning of Australia last Friday (January 6), to the British Football Cup of Newcastle, Liverpool, and La Liga, Serie Doujia, and Dutch Ainda in LiverpoolHuowin, Portuguese Super Porto, and then on Sunday (January 8), Dutch Fer Yayo, Ajax, West Ham United, Serie A Lazio, AC Milan, British Football Cup Vera 1 Lemon 13 times coldNegative, this also allowed the 2nd football lottery last weekend to open, and it will be rolled by 32.14 million.

Famous scene: upset from the morning to the evening, Liverpool goalkeeper is shocking.

First of all, this kind of unpopular attack was the Australian Super League morning. Melbourne victory, West Sydney, and Sydney FC were lost in the case of data support in this field.After that, there were only one positive road in the 3 French Cup quiz last Friday. The lotus B was played late at night. The No. 1 Hercules and Marsrht, ranked 3rd in the No. 1 Hutch B, played more than 3 times the cold flat.Essence


Liverpool goalkeeper Ali Song is shocked to make a low -level mistake

Turning to the Saturday, the British Football Cup Crystal Palace created a 4x cold burden. Newcastle lost 6.5 times the cold on Wednesday.2-2 Mengza, British Football Cup Liverpool 2-2 Wolves, Eindhoven 1.12 and Porto 1.24 Mosquito meat competitions all play cold flats.distributed.

On Sunday, the two other Fer Yyano and Ajax were also rewarded by the two other Two Fer Yayoord and Ajax;-1 lost to Maridimo 8.75 times the cold; all 4 games in Serie A played the draw, of which Lazio and AC Milan were helplessly tied in the leading situation in the halftime.

Reasons: Injury+Tourism densely strong team fatigue

The outbreak of this unpopular outbreak is not as simple as chances. If the factors that have a cold and war choice in the cup, then the strong team in the league cannot win. It is obviously that the impact of the sequelae of the FIFA virus after the World Cup is very related.EssenceFirst of all, before the start of the game last weekend, many countries have just experienced the baptism of the Qatar World Cup. Fatigue and injuries are inevitable, and the wealthy teams and strong teams of the country’s foot must be greatly impacted; before the start of the game last weekend, each ballFaced with a very dense event, the team is a cup, and it is the league’s repeated turnup lineup. The challenge to test the depth of the bench is no less than before the World Cup.At a critical moment of the league entering and the cup, the pressure of such multi -line operations is self -evident, especially the giants or strong teams with bad injuries or strong teams are not difficult to understand.Of course, weather, venue, referee, etc. are also a factor in unpopular birth.

Looking at the events from January 6th to January 8th, a total of 74 games in 74 games played 45 non-positive road events, and the proportion of unpopular accounted for 60%.The British Football Cup has become an unpopular concentration point. Newcastle lost the game, Liverpool Ting Wolves, and Vera encountered 13 times the reversal home at home.32.14 million.It can only be said that the situation on the football field is changing rapidly, and there are many factors. If the process is rolved, the result is a heaven and one hell. Without these endless ups and downs, the first prize of the color matching and the football lottery cannot reach the current level.The next league and cups of various countries will also be played alternately. Before the three major European events returned in mid -February, whether it was a lottery or a full lottery quiz, the wealthy team involved in the battle also needed to beware of the possibility of continuous cold. NoExcluding the next time you will enter a quiz cycle to get a unpopular guess.

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