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Football Lottery Analysis Software 22144 Recommended: Argentina’s bile Germany needs to be flat

Bo Temple Football Lottery Analysis Software has been more than ten years. During this period, through the joint efforts of technical experts, after several revisions, the mobile version and APP are currently launched to view the latest analysis anytime, anywhere, which is very convenient; the data is more comprehensive and the analysis is more accurate. The user reflects good.

In addition to providing conventional data (such as European compensation, Asian disk, points, combat records, etc.), the focus is on the focus of the odds of the analysis objects. Sexuality and unity discover unpopular and confirm stability. There are eight indexes in eight aspects of European compensation, compensation risk, return difference, and theoretical odds, and quantitative analysis from different aspects. This analysis is completely carried out by the system program based on the latest data, eliminating the artificial subjective team complex, more objective and rational, and easy to find unpopular.

From now on, the World Cup analyzes the discount of high remuneration. Very strong, welcome to inquire!

Based on the four games in the current period, the usage and meaning of the four index are briefly introduced.

European compensation discrete: refers to the difference in the odds of mainstream companies. The lower the value, the smaller the difference between European companies’ attitudes towards a fruit.

Example 1: Germany VS Japan. The first set of European Capital Disclosure Index provided by Bogajan Winning Lottery Analysis Software is 0.19, 0.43, 0.69; the real -time discrete index is 0.19, 0.30, 0.91; It is currently recommended to choose 31.

Compensation risk: refers to the possible compensation coefficient of the odds of mainstream companies. The lower the value, it means that the more European companies believe that the greater the appearance of a race, and the risk of compensation will be reduced to reduce the risk.

Example 2: Danish vs Tunisia. The first set of compensation risks provided by the Boga Victory Lottery Analysis Software 5.26, 7.14, 19.91; the risk of real -time compensation is 5.18, 3.25, 10.33; the risk index of the negative compensation risk decreases sharply at the same time, but the negative pay risk index is significantly higher than the level; So the software is currently recommended to choose 31.

Retribution difference: refers to the difference between the return rate of the mainstream company’s odds. The lower the value, the smaller the difference between European companies’ attitudes towards a fruit, and consistently control the return rate of the contestant.

Example 3: Brazil VS Seri. The first set of returns provided by the Bodian Analysis Software is 0.86, 0.94, 1.00; the real -time return difference index is 0.86, 0.90, 1.01.

Theoretical odds: It was calculated exclusively by Boga Foot Color Network based on the poor static strength of both parties. In other words, if the out -of -the -field factor gaming company should issue the odds. Then we compare the European average odds and theoretical odds. One of them that is optimistic about by the gaming company will make the odds lower, in order to maximize the profit.

Example 4: Argentina vs Saudi Arabia. The theoretical odds provided by the Boga Victory Lottery Analysis Software are 1.54, 4.01, 5.88, and the European average odds of 1.20, 6.16, 13.77, the European companies high -opening and negative odds, low -opening odds, is optimistic The home team won, so it is expected to reduce the compensation they have made to maximize the benefits. It is recommended to choose 3.

Through the above examples, I believe that everyone has learned about Bo Temple 14 and Ren 9 analysis software. Maybe someone says “I won’t analyze it myself, what should I do?” It doesn’t matter, this software is completely updated and automatically analyzed in time. Every game is clearly recommended what you choose.

Each period of the software will give you a duplex analysis result of 512 yuan. You can increase or decrease based on your own investment situation based on this. You can also buy any 9 -color according to the software prompts. Ren Jiu analysis of the software only requires 128 yuan or 192 yuan.

At present, the average weekly is 4 ~ Five Lottery. If there is no software, you rely on yourself, let alone carefully analyzes each game. The information that collects so many games alone is not easy to complete by ordinary people. It can only cause many of us to be exhausted and cannot be analyzed. Wasting a lot of funds, leaving endless regrets. Once you have the intelligent analysis software of Bogi, all this is easy to get it. Important information, mainstream odds, and markets are automatically updated. The software automatically analyzes each game automatically, and gives clear suggestions for your reference. Welcome friends who are interested in using the Bora Paradise Winning Lottery Analysis Software!

14 and Ren 9 Analysis Software: It is to perform instant analysis of all 14 games of the victory and losses, and give a clear recommendation suggestion (including Ren Ren 9 -game recommendation) for reference.

Bei Dan Jingcai Analysis Software: It is an instant analysis of all the competitions of Beinan and Cai Cai, and gives clear recommendations and suggestions, and will also give 2 to 3 key selection recommendations every day as a reference.

Software address: ( Contact number: 010-59814829, customer service WeChat 1: 707799878, customer service WeChat 2: 18211180018

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