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Football Dazuka Net Red Street Football Association Cup borrows into Chengdu breaks

On the evening of January 9th, Yanjing Beer 2021 China Football Association Cup final ended in the professional football field of Fenghuangshan Sports Park, Chengdu, Sichuan. In the end, the Shandong Taishan team won the championship trophy. The first team won the double -crowned team.

This is the ultimate battle of Chinese football in the 2021 season, and it is also the starting year of Chinese football in 2022.

This year’s FA Cup finals came to Chengdu, a well -known Internet celebrity city in China. There are emerging young trends here, and there are more connotative local culture here. The final venue of Phoenix Mountain Sports Park professional football field is a modern professional football field containing a large number of cutting -edge technology. Here, the 2023 Asian Cup will be held.

It is also because of Chengdu, because of the Phoenix Mountain, the Football Association Cup is thinking about how to use this special city to make the Fan Association Cup final better collide with the urban culture with a high degree of attention. Essence

Football is full of wide and narrow alley Rongcheng to light up the finals

Local is the world. The reason why the city of Chengdu breaks its circle in the domestic fierce urban competition is its unique local culture. When the FA Cup final comes to Chengdu, it is naturally the best choice with the local culture of Chengdu.

Kuanzhai alley is a business card in Chengdu. Whether it is citizens or foreign tourists, it is a must -visit place. Many businesses here are not only loved by local people, but also novel on the Internet platform. On January 8th, the FA Cup came to Kuanzhai Alley for a series of linkages to highlight Chengdu culture and specialties. Traditional snacks such as the three major bubbles, as well as non -heritage projects such as sugar painting and sugar -pinch people, have also appeared in the linkage and become a highlight, especially in order to allow fans and citizens to take a group photo with the event. It also appeared in the core area of ​​Kuanzhai Alley, and there were two teams from Shandong and Shanghai teams who made a special trip to check in. At the same time, the FA Cup also invited the famous star Wang Song to participate in the event. Wang Song is the well -known evergreen tree among Chinese professional football players, and has a deep relationship with Sichuan football. Wang Song interacted with citizen friends in Kuanzhai Alley. Kuangzimi alley, hot pot, and snacks are all representative elements of Chengdu culture. With the arrival of the Football Association Cup, football and Chengdu culture have collided with the streets of Chengdu, making more people experience a different feeling.

This weekend is the “installation of the Football Association Cup finals”. From Chengdu’s landmark building financial city Gemini Tower to the Football Association Cup final, the 65th anniversary and final version logo and city night view are perfectly integrated. The circular playback of the screen Football Association Cup, all expressing the city’s enthusiasm for football and the enthusiasm for the Football Association Cup.

There are online celebrity landmarks, and more public love. The “Seed Plan” of the FA Cup entered the campus public welfare operation in Chengdu, and came to Chengdu Qingyang Experimental Middle School Affiliated Primary School on the morning of the competition. Sichuan football famous places Zou Yigen, Zhang Chiming, Qian Yingbo and elementary school students conducted a unique football public welfare lesson and donated football and other supplies. A football, a public welfare class, and a happy sports experience, the seeds of football will sprout on campus.

The national football is the consistent brand concept of the FA Cup. This time in Chengdu, the FA Cup to the people and going to the city are the best embodiment of national football.

Short video platform big live shock light show finals presenting top football feast

The Chinese Football Association Cup knows that high -quality football matches are the foundation of everything. It is necessary to make this fascinating drama that is both the end of the Chinese football and the start of the year of Chinese football.

The best stage is the best stage. The professional football field of Fenghuangshan Sports Park is the stage. In order to promote this stadium to the national fans, on January 7, the official Douyin account of the Chinese Football Association Cup conducted a live broadcast of 1 and a half hours of the stadium, and invited Zou Yigen, known as the “living fossil” of the Chinese professional league. This brand -new stadium interacted the ball. On the day of January 9th, the official Douyin account of the Chinese Football Association Cup also conducted a live broadcast of the game day for nearly 5 hours to prepare to explore the secrets, the competition and the after -the -championship scene. It is particularly worth mentioning that relying on the advanced lighting equipment of the stadium, a beautiful, passionate light show, greeted the generals of the two sides to debut, and then the giant car went into the stadium with a ball with a ball. The live broadcast of the platform presented a new visual feast to fans.

Fans are always the ultimate service of football games. This competition is located in Chengdu and the participating teams in Shandong and Shanghai. They are the most prosperous areas of Chinese football fans. Football of the three places gathered, colliding with wonderful sparks. However, in the context of epidemic prevention, fans were unable to come to the scene. The FA Cup specially hung the giant Tifo of the three -place fans on the stands, which reflects the full heart of the Football Association Cup. The two teams fans also showed TIFO and banners on the North and South Views, so that the players on the court felt full of warmth.

This year’s Football Association Cup is innovating, and it is a concept of “national football”. At the beginning of the New Year, the majority of fans and friends have contributed to the start of the year of Chinese professional football.

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