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Football Association: Lu Bofei, an official of Suzhou Soochow, abusing the referee for 6 games and 60,000

On December 3rd, Lu Bofei, an official of Suzhou Soochow Club, was punished by the Football Association for 60,000 and a fine of 60,000 for abusing the referee. Suzhou Soochow Club was also notified for criticism.

In the 32nd round of Zhongjia, the competition between Jiangxi North Gate and Suzhou Soochow reached the 41st minute. Lu Bofei, an official of Suzhou Soochow Club, abused the referee to dye the red. After leaving the bench, he continued to abuse the referee.After the first half of the game, the referee was surrounded by some people in Suzhou Soochow Club, causing chaos in the field.

According to relevant regulations, the Football Association made the following penalties:

1. Lu Bofei, an official of Suzhou Soochow Club, entered 6 games in the competition stadium for RMB 60,000.

2. Notifying the Suzhou Soochow Club.

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  1. The Football Association said, why did he scold the referee?

  2. Do you think about how to defeat Vietnam in the future, India

  3. What about the product of the three towns?

  4. Just know the fine, why not find the reason?

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