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Football Association Cup-Zhejiang 2-1 Jinan Xingzhou total score 5-1 advanced to the top 4

At 14:00 on January 8th, Beijing time, the Chinese Football Association Cup in the 1/4 finals, Jinan Xingzhou played against the Zhejiang team. In the first round, Zhejiang took the opponent at 3-0.In a goal, Tan Tiaocheng, who came up with the bench, made a shot in front of the goal. In the end, Zhejiang 2-1 Jinan Xingzhou, the total score of the two rounds to eliminate the opponent to advance to the top 4.

In the 4th minute, Aishajiang hit the pillar in the penalty area.

In the second half of the game again, in the 46th minute, Zhejiang Middle Road took a passing forward. Gaudi scored the ball. After the intervention, the referee signaled that the goal was valid.

In the 70th minute, I wish Yiyan’s peripherals, and Wang Zihao’s small angle was blocked by Zhao Bo. Tan Tiancheng on the door line made a shot and broke the goal.

In the end of the game, the Zhejiang team defeated Jinan Xingzhou 2-1, and the total score was 5-1 to eliminate the opponent to advance to the top 4!

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