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Football Association Cup-Yao Junsheng single-knife Zhao Bo two kicks and penalties Zhejiang 3-0 Jinan Xingzhou

At 16:30 on January 5th, Beijing time, the first round of the fourth round of the Fourth round of the 2022 China Football Association Cup continued, and the Zhejiang team faced the Jinan Xingzhou team in the Suzhou Olympic Sports Center.In the first half, Gao Di opened the first record of the Zhejiang team in front of the opponent’s penalty area.Subsequently, Zhang Jiaqi, a player in Zhejiang team, gave gifts in the penalty area.In the second half, the Zhejiang team Zhong Haoran steal the frontcourt assisted Yao Junsheng with a single knife.Before the end, the Jinan Xingzhou team won the penalty again. Unfortunately, Zhu Yifan’s shot was blown out by the goalkeeper Zhao Bo again, and then the Zhejiang team countered by Wang Dongsheng to the victory.In the end, the Zhejiang team defeated the Jinan Xingzhou team 3-0 in the first round.

In the 15th minute of the first half, the Zhejiang team got an corner kick. On the 6th, Yao Junsheng made a penalty to the penalty area. Liang Nuoheng jumped up at the goal on the 2nd.EssenceIn the 21st minute, Wang Dongsheng, No. 20 of Zhejiang Team, fouled in the midfield and was warned by the referee yellow card.

In the 29th minute, the Zhejiang Team No. 9 Gaudi Right on the right took the ball, and the ball was blocked by the defender of the Jinan Xingzhou team. Then the Gaudi scored the ball and shot the far corner with a left foot.The arc flew into the net nest, and the goalkeeper of Xingzhou team Deng Xiaofei faced the ball without response. The Zhejiang team led the Jinan Xingzhou team 1-0.

In the 31st minute, the Jinan Xingzhou team got the ball on the right to the penalty area. When the No. 7 was grabbing the ball with Zhang Jiaqi on the 29th, the ball touched the latter’s arm, and the referee decisively punished the penalty kick.Chengyuan No. 7 himself punished himself, and the ball was bravely pushed by Zhao Zhao 33, the goalkeeper of the Zhejiang team, and the Jinan Xingzhou team wasted an excellent opportunity to equalize.

In the 42nd minute, the Zhejiang team No. 9 Gao Di took the high pass of the teammate and inserted into the penalty area. The ball was higher than the beam.In the first half of the injury stop time, the Zhejiang team was in the lower triangle on the left, and Gu Bin shot his left foot on his right foot on the left after the ball was scored.In the halftime, the Zhejiang team led the Jinan Xingzhou team in one goal.

In the second half, the two sides changed again. In the 51st minute, the Zhejiang team No. 8 Zhong Haoran took the ball to Gu Bin No. 31 in front of the opponent’s penalty area.EssenceIn the 67th minute, the Zhejiang Team No. 8 Zhong Haoran was handed over to Yao Junsheng No. 6 after breaking the ball in the frontcourt. The latter took the ball with a single knife into the penalty area and faced Deng Xiaofei’s low shot. The Zhejiang team led the Jinan Xingzhou team 2-0.

In the 70th minute, the Zhejiang team received a free kick on the right side of the frontcourt. On the 6th, Yao Junsheng was fined to the penalty area.out.In the 78th minute, the Zhejiang team received an corner kick. Gu Bin was punished in the penalty area on the 31st. Zhang Jiaqi on the 29th rushed to the top, and the ball leaned out slightly.

In the 90th minute, Zhejiang team No. 4 Sun Zhengao violated Wang Zihao No. 10 in the penalty area. The referee Zhang Lei did not make a penalty for the first time.After the reminder of the video referee group, Zhang Lei changed the penalty.No. 22 Zhu Yifan was punished on the left, and Zhao Bo, the goalkeeper of Zhejiang team, hit the penalty again.Subsequently, the Zhejiang team launched a counterattack. On the 9th, Gao Di shot left -footed in the penalty area. The ball hit the beam and bounced back.In the end, the Zhejiang team defeated Jinan Xingzhou 3-0.

Both sides launched a lineup:

Zhejiang Team: 2-Liang Nuoheng, 4-Sun Zhengao (C), 6-Yao Junsheng, 8-Zhong Haoran, 9-Gaudi, 18-Abdo Salad, 20-Wang Dongsheng, 28-Yue Xin, 29, 29-Cang Jiaqi, 31-Gu Bin, 33-Zhao Bo (goalkeeper)

Zhejiang substitute: 1-Gu Chao (goalkeeper), 3-Wang Yan, 12-Lai Jinfeng (goalkeeper), 13-Li Yalun, 17-Longwei, 19-Dong Yu, 21-Aishajiang, 24-Li Yilei (goalkeeper), the goalkeeper (goalkeeper),27-Zheng Xuejian

Jinan Xingzhou: 6-Song Yi, 7-Chengyuan, 8-Sun Enming, 10-Wang Zihao, 13-Qu Zhaoyu, 15-Wang Tong, 16-Tan Tiancheng, 19-Ma Chongchong, 22-Zhu Yifan (C), 39-Deng Xiaofei(Goalkeeper), 57-Abdul Outside Power

Xingzhou substitute: 2-Liu Li, 5-Geng Junyi, 18-Yang Wanshun, 21-Tan Xiang, 23-Ge Wei, 26-Xia Ningning, 28-Zhong Jiyu, 31-Mu Yuyu (goalkeeper), 45-Ren LiHao, 60-Shi Yiyi

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