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Football Association Cup-Jodsong Boom Entering the World Boshan 1-0 Harbor Seventh Winning

At 19:30 on the evening of January 9th, Beijing time, the FA Cup final was launched, and Taishan, Shandong was in Shanghai Harbor. In the first half, he was resolved by Wang Dalei in the sea. Then he was injured in the sea in the sea. The seventh time won the FA Cup championship and became the first team in China to ask the Ding League Cup “Double Championship”.

Taishan is the Super League champion of this season. They have won the FA Cup 6 times before. In the Harbor, the team will eventually win the runner -up of the season this season. They will hit the team’s first FA Cup championship trophy. Among the twice of the Super League this season, Taishan 1 wins and 1 draw occupies an advantage.

In the 16th minute, Shanghai Harbor played a smooth corner kick in frontcourt, passed on the left to the middle of the penalty area, and Yu Hai took a shot with a kick. Wang Dalei quickly closed the goalkeeper to seal the ball.

In the 27th minute, Yu Hai was injured when he was struggling to land. After two minutes of slowing down, he couldn’t persist and was replaced by Li Ang.

In the 28th minute, Shandong Taishan took the ball in the frontcourt. Xu Xin shot his left foot and shot the real buckle.

In the 39th minute, Sun Junhao kicked the Oscar to eat the yellow card. This is the first yellow card in the game.

The scenes of both sides were dull in the second half. In the 68th minute, Moisseus quickly advanced after stealing Oscar, and then the long shot of the run was off.

In the 82nd minute, the deadlock was broken on the field. Zheng Zheng’s positioning ball hit the beam and popped up. Then Yan Junling double -fist hit the ball out of the penalty area, but the ball was not far away, Guo Tianyu’s thighs were cushioned, and Jia Dansong followed the air and broke the goal to break the goal. , Taishan, Shandong, led the harbor 1-0.

In the end, the game ended, and Taishan, Shandong defeated Shanghai Harbor 1-0 to win the Football Association Cup championship.

Shandong Taishan: 14-Wang Dalei, 4-Jia Delong, 5-Zheng Zheng, 11-Liu Yang (64 ’33-Jin Jingdao), 27-Shi Ke, 8-Xu Xin (64′ 15-Qi Tianyu), 10-Moyi Moyi Ceith, 25-Felryi, 28-Sun Junhao, 37-Ji Xiang, 7-Guo Tianyu (U23) (89 ’36-Duan Liu Yu (U23))

Shanghai Harbor: 1-Yan Junling, 4-Wang Yichao, 15-Li Shenyuan, 21-Yuhai (26 ‘2-Li Ang), 28-He Qi (91′ 14-Li Shenglong), 8-Oscar, 16-Zhang Huachen (U23) (U23) (U23) (U23) (U23) (U23) (U23) (U23) 70 ’33-Liu Zhurun ​​(U23)), 19-Moyi, 25- Buy Tijiang (70’ 20-Yang Shiyuan), 11-Lu Wenjun, 39-Hu Jinghang

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    ThereputationofChongTown 11月 16, 2022 at 8:54 上午

    Did they win the championship continuously?

  2. Hello, the second child [too happy]

  3. Water foreign aid photos to take double crowns, Shanggang to Golden Foreign Aid, but only picked up two Yinya cups.

  4. Will the Shanghai team pick up a double crown? Why not pick it up?

  5. 我, my port is a team of faith, how can I compare with Taishan!

  6. The China Super League 130E champion, did the FA Cup 100E spend 100E?

  7. The recovery of the Heng Team is the sorrow of Chinese football. Evergrande in the field of foreign war

  8. The question is you in turn?

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    Peoplewhomissyoufromafar 11月 16, 2022 at 8:54 上午

    Pay attention to writing: Time, place, and characters three major elements

  10. I said that Jiangsu, Guangzhou will definitely be next year, there are no outdated neutral policies, Jiangsu may not find it. Home

  11. You are not afraid of the creditors of the belt poke your piercing your villain

  12. The performance of the two goalkeepers determines the results of the game. 1-1 is a reasonable ending and is in line with the efforts of both parties. Come on in the coming year

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