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Football Association Clean up the arrears: Ning Que does not work hard to compromise the 18 teams

Reporter Chen Yong reported that on January 6, 2023, it was the last data submission date of the third node of the Chinese Football Professional League’s club to clean up historical arrears (before 2022), and from February to March 2023, from February 2023,It is the 2023 season professional league admission review (mainly for the 2022 season -owned salary) node.The review of these two stages will determine the life and death of some China Super League, China A and China B Club.

According to the latest understanding of this newspaper, the Chinese Football Association is very determined in terms of historical arrears of cleaning up, because it has given the cleaning time of three nodes a year, so this time will never tolerate the wage -owned team.Taking the Super League as an example, if a club cannot pass the historical arrears of salary review and access review, the Chinese Football Association has also made the worst plans to compromise for 18 teams.Preparation of the Super League.As for the Chinese League, the Chinese Football Association has also made a decrease in the number of participating teams or even lower than the number of Chinese Super League clubs.This resoluteness is described as an idiom: rather than no abuse.

At present, there are about five clubs of the Chinese Super League.Of course, like Shanghai Shenhua Club, with the settlement of Jiushi Group, the difficulties have no longer existing; in addition, the progress related to the clean -up cleaning of national security in Beijing is also quite smooth. However, not all clubs are smooth.The problem of arrears (the two is actually associated), the real problems and future problems are very serious. At the same time, there are some clubs that have the predicament of stock reform, and there will be major problems in future survival and development.

In this regard, the attitude of the Chinese Football Association is very determined. If the last 18 Super League teams have completed the debt, the Football Association will not be accommodated to make up 18 participating teams.Team.

The situation of the Chinese League is more difficult than the Super League. Based on the current news, the two furniture and music departments of Wuhan Yangtze River and Hebei, which have just been relegated, have a high probability to withdraw from the Chinese Football Professional League.In addition, at the October 31st node, five furniture clubs including Shaanxi Changan Athletic, Sichuan Jiu Niu, Heilongjiang Bingcheng, Zibo Cuju and Jiangxi North Gate were punished.In fact, this is not ruled out that the possibility of problems with other Chinese clubs is not ruled out.In this regard, the Chinese Football Association has also been fully prepared, and naturally, it is better to make the preparations of the 18th Hostels.

In comparison, the situation of China B is relatively optimistic. In a comprehensive assessment of the Chinese Football Association, the China Beroes of the China Beroes have less wages and the overall stable. In the 2023 season, it will focus on the development of the China B club, and then gradually stabilize China in China.Football professional league.

It should be noted that in the third -level league running of the 2022 season, the Chinese Super League achieved basic balance of payments, but the cost of running for China A and China B can not achieve the balance of revenue and expenditure. The relevant costs are provided by the Chinese Football Association.Fund.

It must be said that the cleanup of the league’s arrears of salary has been highly valued by the General Administration of Sports and the national level, which naturally has given the Chinese Football Association more confidence. After three years of withdrawal and passive response, China is China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, China, ChinaThe Football Association has also made up the determination to clean up the arrears. Under the premise of providing three nodes for one year, the Chinese Football Association has changed from passive response to active attack.It is also a manifestation of determination.

Of course, the final situation still depends on the review of nodes and access nodes on December 31. Considering the related matters of the league, the earlier the relevant work is completed.

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  1. Based on the salary liquidation of China B, there is no wages.

  2. The Chinese Football Association is a real cattle!At the World Exchange Asian qualifiers, the Vietnamese teams and other Asian teams were swollen. As soon as they returned to the Chinese Super League, they were prestigious. Does the club killed by the neutral name come to the murderer?IntersectionCan you stand up?Intersection

  3. Reply
    Theauthoritiesunderstand 1月 10, 2023 at 2:49 上午

    As a manager, should the Football Association come out to explain why there is a large area of arrears?Since the club can only use a neutral name, that is, it is impossible to advertise for investors, so do you have to see the fact that the club wants to make a profit?Do you ignore the cause of the club?

  4. Bone scraping and healing, the strong men broke their wrists.Resolutely support, I would rather do n’t abandon!

  5. Bone scraping and healing, the strong men broke their wrists.Resolutely support, rather than not to abuse.

  6. If this is aimed at the internal rectification of the Football Association, there is no problem, and it is ridiculous to say.

  7. For so many years, it is not the Football Association to manage football, but that football is training the Football Association.The contract can be transferred …

  8. The current number of talents is very suitable to be reduced to the 8th team.

  9. The level of the Super League, there are many 16 teams

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    TheFootballAssociationFamousOldLaoLi 1月 10, 2023 at 2:49 上午

    Monkey is still big [Question]

  11. Reply
    Monkeyisthemostuseless 1月 10, 2023 at 2:49 上午

    The club has indeed no way in recent years.When the enterprises come in, do not want a family, and the real estate enterprises are still the real estate enterprises

  12. The world can do it, the world can do it, and the wages can also play the league!The Football Association should have cleaned up those horses of the group, and do not make the wage arrears and feel that it is normal!

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