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Flower agricultural machine selection and change number to win two -color ball 7.73 million self -created unique number selection method


Winning lottery

The New Year welcomes good luck, and the “Cai City Airlines” dual -color ball in 2023 is awarded. The province’s Zhenjiang Caimin opened the goal to see the joy. Only with a machine selected 10 yuan lottery tickets, he sent himself to the championship throne.I have to say that the story behind this award lottery is also amazing.

There are Qiankun in the selection number of the prize machine

Just after the New Year’s Day holiday, Mr. Chen came to the Provincial Fucai Center to receive a two -color ball bonus of more than 7.73 million yuan.Let’s take a look at the valid information of this winning lottery: 5 betting single tickets. Although the machine is selected, the 5 bet number is not the same. Based on the selection of the machine, it is supplemented by the manual change.With a small investment in small investment, Mr. Chen’s “wonderful selection” number, instead of being a random ten yuan lottery, is a magical number born by art inspiration.

“Flower arrangement” art creation of magic prize

Mr. Chen, 46, was originally a local flower farmer in Jurong, but in the development of agricultural science and technology today, he has obtained the qualifications of garden artists through self -study and practice. Since thenEssence”With the epidemic, I rarely go out. Except for the citizen square near home, it is basically nothing.” Da Chen said helplessly.At this moment, he was fascinated by Fucai.He feels that the numbers are unable to associate with art: Mr. Chen’s number selection is combined with the hot and cold interval between numbers, and the second is to combine the beauty of art in the layout.

How do you say, he is interested, “I see the dark color of the flower, and I will see the three different postures of the high, middle and low flowers in the large number and decimal segment.It is my flower arrangement art. What are the so -called hot numbers in the rough number of numbers, and I can choose one and a half numbers. Then I will compile them on the code, such as 6 is a light color low, 18 is a light color, and 27 is deep in deep, and 27 is deep.The color high, these are like flowers in my mind. Then I arrange the number according to the appearance of the bouquet I want. “

However, this number selection is different from the past. He has changed his mind to change the number selection method to the first time and then change the number.Mr. Chen chose several groups of ten yuan numbers on the site on New Year’s Day on New Year’s Day, but when he saw the 5 bet numbers in the fate, he felt the light.”These 5 bet numbers are particularly suitable, just like the bouquet I want in my mind. But I then came in inspiration, and embedded the hot number 9 that I have chased in the 5 bet number.It is also free to match. After all, I have three years of color age, and the number of numbers is still a bit technical! “At this moment, Da Chen laughed at his mouth.

It seems that this winning number is really ingenious, and God’s pen.It is precisely this lottery ticket that combines digital numbers and artistic aesthetics.It is reported that Mr. Chen’s lottery numbers have changed slightly. The only thing that is the same is the “flower arrangement” art selection method.Perhaps the trick of Mr. Chen’s selection of numbers can only be deliberate, but the combination of his own interests, the number selection is particularly praised.

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