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Five world -famous players: Smith Xiong Jinzhang on the list



On January 4th, Beijing time, when the new year is about to start in Hawaii, it is necessary to take a look at those players with a huge world ranking in 2022.Here we have selected five representative players, including Cameron Smith and Chinese player Xiong Jinzheng. Now let’s take a look:

Just a year ago, Ben Griffin was still doing office.Now, he has become a newcomer of the US Tour and has the opportunity to break through the top 100 in the world.

After graduating from the University of North Carolina, Ben Griffin had been struggling a few years ago.In the spring of 2011, he abandoned the tour because of economic problems and began to make mortgage loans.After a few months, he decided to change and participate in a Monday Qualification Tournament for Glorious International Tour.He eventually took the qualification school exam and passed.Last season, he won 3 runner -up at the Glorious International Tour, ranked eighth in the standings, and won the US Tour Card for the first time.In the first 7 stops, he won the third place in the Bermud Championship and ranked 29th on the Federal Express Cup standings.

Seri Srigara studied at the University of Perper, and transferred his career in the summer of 2020.At the time when the new crown epidemic broke out, he was the NCAA Best Player Award winner, but there was no identity of any tour.He finally obtained the 2021 Glory International Finals through the Federal Express Cup non -member standings, and became a member of the US Tour.He participated in the second stop of the game as a member, and he ranked eighth in the Sanderson Farm Championship.

In 2022, Cessi Srigara broke out.In the WM Phoenix Open in February, he scored two holes in the game when there were two holes left in the game, but the No. 17 hole kicked off the water, causing him to eventually be tied in third place.He was very sad at the time and cried in his parents’ arms.

After the Phoenix, Sri Srigara won 7 in seven in 2022, including the most recent RSM elite competition tied for second.He also entered the tour championship.This is very amazing, because he did not enter the top 50 in the four main score data.In any case, now he has obtained the qualifications of the American Masters in April.

+18 | 21 bits rose to third place (85.71%)

Since the Liv golf has no world points, many liv players have declined.

Cameron Smith is the exception.

Australians only signed a contract with LIV after the Touring Championships in 2022, when he ranked second in the world.Obviously, he is currently in the third place in the first seven months of this year.He won the sentry championship, the player championship, the British Open, and won the third in the American Masters.Of course, last month, he also won the Australian PGA Championship, which was recognized by the European tour.

However, it is very difficult for him to keep this position in 2023, unless he performs well in the four Grand Slam, and then he can participate in some international tour competitions to win points.

+864 | 1038 -bit to 174 -bit (83.24%)

Former Amateur World Davis Thompson was a star player at Georgia University. He ranked second in the United States Tour University two years ago and won the Glorious International Tour Card.However, that summer, he chose to pass the sponsors’ cards, mainly playing the United States Tour. As a result, he did not enter the top 30 in the 6 stops.

Last winter, he went to a qualified school and obtained the glorious international qualification.He won once, ranked 16th in the standings, and upgraded to the US tour.Last season, he ranked fourth in the glorious international kick -off ranking. This season, he ranked 19th in the US Tour.

+1305 | 1744 -bit to 439 -bit (74.83%)

Xiong Jinzheng was once regarded as a star that cannot be ignored, because in 2018, he swept the best player award for the university league many years.But at the end of last year, his world points were 0 points, and the world ranked 1744, basically equal to the countdown.

However, in June 2022, he won the Wicho Open qualification through the qualification competition and achieved victory.

At the end of the season, he ranked 48th in the glorious international standings.Although he did not enter the US tour, he obtained a complete qualification of 2023 Guanghui International.

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