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Five -star cold knife basket color single -day profit 140% Chen Jianghua hit the Green Army to make the division



Ball Tong expert prediction basketball

On the Saturday Lottery Day, Bucks defeated the Celtics away and won the home advantage; the Blazers experienced four horror over time at home, and eventually won the Nuggets, leading a big score of 2-1. Among the ball -pass platform, the five -star cold knife was all red, with a profit of 140%. The famous player Chen Jianghua hit the Green Army to make the division. Wang Yangming nearly 6 of 5, the basket color is red. [View all authoritative ball pass experts]

The five -star cold knife was attacked on Saturday’s NBA’s two games, and the results were all in China. With two red orders, a single -day profit is 140%. [Five -star cold knife basket profit of 140%]

The well -known basketball player Chen Jianghua also predicted the NBA game today. As a result, he successfully hit the Green Army to make the ball owner and achieve profitability! [Chen Jianghua hit the Green Army to make the division master! ]

Wang Yangming’s football team has been eaten, and the basketball lottery has been steadily fought in the near future. [Wang Yangming basket lottery nearly 6 of 5! ]

NBA season playoffs upgrade! How should I choose the basket color, so stay tuned for the unique analysis of the experts! [Click to view immediately] (http://lottery.sina.com.cn/qiutong/)

The Sina Ball Platform platform is more convenient. Caimin friends scan the QR code below to download the “small cannon APP”. The ball -pass expert is zero distance.

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