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Finals semi -final against Chen Yufei PK Yamaguchi Guo Guoyu female dual play Derby


Chen Yufei

Beijing time on December 9th, the finals of the World Badminton World Series of 2022 have ended the group stage competition, and then drawn a lottery in the knockout stage.Chen Yufei will play again in the semi -finals, and He Bingjiao will meet Dai Ziying again.Guo Yu’s two pairs of women’s doubles will fuck the same room. Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong has the opportunity to revenge for the yellow duck group in the group stage.

The Chinese team participated in the competition for 8 players this time. Only Lu Guangzu and Wang Yilu/Huang Dongping were out in the group stage. Others successfully advanced to the semi -finals.According to the rules of the finals, the matching stage will be re -drawed during the knockout stage.

In the women’s singles event, Chen Yufei and He Bingjiao both got their respective group names, which means that the two will be divided into different semi -districts in the semi -finals.After the lottery was announced, Chen Yufei would fight the mountain mouth again, and He Bingjiao would meet Dai Ziying again.In the group stage, Chen Yufei defeated Shankou 2-0, and He Bingjiao also defeated Dai Ziying.

In the men’s doubles semi -finals, Liu Yuchen/Ou Yiyi will meet the Indonesian Alfian/Adando, and the other semi -final is the Wang Yaoxin/Zhang Yuyu of Akhan/Setiawan against Malaysia.In the women’s doubles group stage, Chen Xiaochen/Jia Yifan and Zhang Shuxian/Zheng Yu were in the same group. They ranked in the top two.After the semi -final draw, the two Chinese groups met again, which means that Guoyu has won a women’s doubles final.Another semi -final was the sisters of Emud in Thailand in South Korea’s Zheng Naying/Jin Huizhen.

In the mixed doubles semifinals, Zheng Siwei/Huang Yaqiong will face Chen Jianming/Lai Peijun in Malaysia. I do not know if the IELTS combination can revenge for the yellow duck combination.Another semi -final was the Primukro/Tallatana in Thailand’s Rivad/Monitari against Indonesia.

The two semi -finals of the men’s singles were Asesson and Naragang, respectively, and Kim Ting and Christie staged the Derby.


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  1. Does Japan only participate in singles this time

  2. Fear of playing fake balls

  3. The semi -final draw is a shame for badminton!

  4. This is an opponent signed by drawing. What is the problem?

  5. I am afraid that some countries will lose intentionally to avoid the knockout match, just like the farce of the London Olympic Games.

  6. This competition system is intentional, that is, to play the group competition again, who is such a strange game system, really disgusting

  7. The competition system is a bit strange, but I still hope that the Chinese players will continue to cheer.move forward!IntersectionIntersection

  8. Ugly competition system!

  9. Qiba!Why not two groups cross!

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