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Ferdinand: I have confirmed that he will participate in the acquisition of Manchester United

Manchester United Family Fisande confirmed that Beckham will join forces with some consortia to acquire Manchester United.

The news that the Graiz family was going to sell Manchester United had previously reported, which caused great expectations of fans, and Manchester United’s stocks also rose rapidly.

Recently, Manchester United’s famous Sufidanda revealed that “10,000 people” Beckham will join forces with one or several consortia to acquire Manchester United.

Ferdinand revealed: “I went to see the English team, and I met Beckham and sat together. Beckham was like a billionaire. He didn’t look like a billionaire.Heat, but when you say Beckham’s name, it is clear that everyone knows that he is the owner of the Miami International Club, and he will not do it alone. “

Ferdinand said: “He will do it with the consortium, with some people with strong materials and people who are capable of doing this transaction. This is the way he does things. I think he will eventually ask for a quotation.”

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